Friday, September 12, 2008

Campaigning On Trust

Clark will struggle.

Adolf can see the billboards now.

Trust Labour?

Spencer Trust.

Yeah, right.

Trust Labour?

Benson - Pope, Philip Field

Yeah, right.

Trust Labour?

Ask Owen Glenn

Yeah, right.

Trust Labour?

Would you buy an investment property from Mike Williams?

Yeah, right.

Corrupt and Cancerous?


Yeah, you bet!


homepaddock said...

Listen to the interview with Mary Wilson on Checkpoint - instead of the soft party political braodcast she got a grilling over the doantions debacle and her handling of it:

BoomTownPrat said...


Corrupt and Cancerous?

That is the 2008 election "concept"


Psycho Milt said...

Milt has seen the National billboards already:

"Less bureaucrats"

Party vote Stupid!

Has Key mentioned how much National paid to be made to look incompetent and illiterate? I hope it was a lot...

Heine said...

All good slogans. Have you seen the Standards attempts for their mass leaflet/poster campaign?

These would make excellent rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Standards attempts for their mass leaflet/poster campaign

The fucking tax-paid Standard running their corrupt rots with My taxes

frankly, this the Standard should be illegal.
Noone who is employed by a Union or a Labour government (while both are still legal) should be permitted to blog or campaign or advertise or work for the election of a Labour government.