Sunday, September 21, 2008

Campaigning: Let's get down and dirty

Two fine articles in the Sunday papers looking at campaigning.

Fran O'Sullivan in the Herald On Sunday looks at the roles played by the campaign strategists.

The Sunday Star-Times also looks at dirty campaigning in cyberspace featuring The Standard and Whale Oil.

First, Fran O'Sullivan notes the increased role Clark is playing.

Clark says the election is about "trust". She reinforces that message by using "dog whistle" tactics which could have come from the Crosby Textor campaign textbook she usually decries.

Later, Fran says.

In the past she has deputed senior politicians such as Trevor Mallard or Phil Goff to be the party's attack dogs and rark up her opponents, but this time she is getting into the gutter.

A high risk straegy for Uncle Helen as the knives are already being sharpened.

But when it comes to taking the credit (or the blame) for the election outcome, Clark has set herself up as numero uno. If Labour loses, it will be that much easier for caucus detractors to persuade her to stand aside so a new leader can be elected or roll her in a post-election coup.
Although senior colleagues do not say so publicly, among some of them there is considerable unease Clark has concentrated so much power at the top - "Doesn't she trust us?" one insider asked.
More importantly, if Labour ends up in another post-election spending scandal, Clark will be too close to the frontline to escape collateral damage

Over at the SST, we hear about the 'clueless' Rochelle Rees; plus commentary from Whale Oil, contrasting how the right-wingblogs tend to be more open about their affiliations than those on the left, adding:

"Everybody on the right hand side of the blogosphere is either self-employed or running their blogs out of their own pocket. There is no money or information flowing from the National Party to any of us, that's for bloody sure. I get nothing from the National Party. Everything I get and post is coming from my own sources. I've been accused by The Standard [a left-wing blog] of having the [National] research unit funnel information to me - I wish they would!"

Hat tip: Homepaddock for the cartoon.


Psycho Milt said...

...the right-wingblogs tend to be more open about their affiliations than those on the left...

You lack depth perception with one eye closed, Fairfacts - be careful not to walk into things.

WAKE UP said...

Cullen's a sad bastard, eh. Bet he was bullied at school. Only a man like him could play Goebbels to Helen's Hitler. It's a wonder he doesn't walk with a limp as well.

I repeat my mantra: The only thing that trickles down is attitude, and that pair of sad sacks have turned this once happy country into a self-loathing, whinging, parsimonious miasma. Do they ever laugh genuinely?