Monday, September 8, 2008

Brace yourself for Hurricane Glenn

Owen Glenn has arrived in Auckland.
Contrary to Murray's delicious speculation, he did make it through immigration.
Tracey Watkins is most excited, saying the funds row is likely to spread.
Indeed,earlier internet talk of Mike Williams visiting Glenn is now public knowledge.
Labour Party president Mike Williams, who visited Mr Glenn on an overseas fundraising drive recently, has denied brokering the deal.
Well, with Auditor General concerns over an $80,000 donation, and involvement concrning linked companies, it is all getting increaingly murky and dubious.
I am sure Mr Glenn will clear things up. He could well bring Liarbour down too!


Murray said...

You KNOW she would have bounced him if she could have.


Very true Murray.
Good thinking for thinking it.

Anonymous said...

Rodney will be down at the central police station tomorrow afternoon --- indicting Labour for bribery, corruption & fraud.

Glenn is about to bring down the house of cards once and for all

"How I Bought the 2005 Election for Labour"

Murray said...

Anyone else amused that their biggest donor is going to be one to the drop the house on them?

Very poetic, very just.

Anonymous said...

It is the utimate in revenge.
But here is the man who bought Elkection 2005 for Liarbour.
And hopefully will get them all in jail for it!


Anonymous said...

Yep If OG spills the bean on Mikey and Helen it will expose them for what they have always been Just a pair of corrupt hucksters Nothing more nothing less. The myth of the competent political operator will be there for all to see

Anonymous said...

What evil conniving eyes that woman has......Baxter