Sunday, September 7, 2008

Bloodhounds and leeches move in on Veitch

I made a comment on Kiwiblog a few weeks ago along the lines that Tony Veitch had already been punished and a police prosecution was perhaps unnecessary in my view. That was because he:

(a) Lost two jobs and ~$750K income;
(b) Had severe public humiliation;
(c) Was likely to be unemployable again in NZ for the next few years.

There were a couple of more reasons I think but that was the gist of it.

I was derided, but I stand by my comments. Of course had it been Joe Public charged with hitting his girlfriend he would have:

(a) Kept his job;
(b) Had no public humiliation; and
(c) Life carries on.

Such are the inequities facing the rich and famous. If you're R & F you live your life in a fishbowl - that's the way the cookie crumbles. And now we know the fishbowl lifestyle means that the bottom-feeders in the fishbowl are sucking the lifeforce out of him. Yeah, kick him while he's down, and almost out.

There is a story that Veitch is sounding suicidal. That's unsurprising.

D4J - take it away.

Just let me stand clear to avoid your spit.


Anonymous said...

Gooner, he is not just sounding suicidal he actually almost succeeded.

As a female I am torn with this case and the Rickards case as it seems the women involved have gone about things for personal revenge rather than any upholding of the law.

While Rickards was suspended on full pay, Vietch was publicly harassed out of his job and is now a broken man even before his case is put before a jury of his peers.

He has no way now of recouping any losses to his career or future earnings and is now a ruined man.

I hope yesterdays event was only a call for help but things do not look good for Tony.

Gooner said...

Thank you anon. We are peas in a pod. I hope he turns the corner. And I hope the wreckers and haters are now happy.

Anonymous said...

Only a coward hits a woman like he did.
And what a coward he has become , unable to face up to his life and actions and responsibility for what he did.
Have you seen what Whale Oil says on the matter?


Cactus Kate said...

The worse part is not that he attempted suicide, but he has now deeply hurt the woman who has stood by him right through all this - his current wife. Awful.

Hopefully he will now sort his shit out and face up to everything as I don't think it's going to get much worse than it already is.

mojo said...

Not so Gooner, aside from anyone working in a labouring job ... anyone within a public service position or any position in which personal character could be construed as having bearing on their employment would have met their demise over this.
One has to wonder if he hasn't orchestrated this himself to quite some extent.
I can see from your conception of sufficiency or excess of punishment per tort that you will welcomingly be 'rubbing shoulders' with Clint and Chris in the near future too.

Barnsley Bill said...

pdq, that is the second time today I have witnessed you typing with a drumstick held securely in your anus.

Veitch has had his life completely and utterly destroyed by this woman. A person that blackmailed him after finally accepting that a relationship he had tried (over the course of a couple of years) to end was finally over. He endured years of stalker like behaviour trying to end it and then when the message finally got through he was confronted by a hate filled harpie who has set out (and succeeded) to ruin him.
Rather than passing judgment on a topic you are completely clueless about try a bit of digging. I did, and if you can find anybody at Vodafone to talk I would guess you will be back here to eat humble pie.

heisenbug said...

What I want to know is this: since she broke the contract between them, when is Tony going to get his $150k back, plus interest?