Thursday, September 18, 2008

The best smear is yet to come?

Captain Baubles is to appear before the priviledges committee today. What will he say?

David Farrar offers a list of things Winston might say, plus a detailed summary of what actually did happen.

Now, we have seen Michael Cullen blame John Key for the financial collapses in Wall Street and Dear Leader coming up with what even she admitted were 'back of the envelope' figures of a supposed Iraqi War Dead for New Zealand, even if reality would have been far different.

John Armstrong today notes Liarbour is being extremely negative, but he says it might work, which is why Liarbour is behaving as it is.

Which brings us back to Winston Peters.

Matthew Hootton today says his sources within the Beehive spin machine have told him that Labour First plan a huge smear on National. The story is they will claim Owen Glenn has secretly been bankrolling National, who then failed to declare a Glenn donation.

Now, Matthew created a bit of a stir yesterday by questioning how much No Minister has been banned from some government departments and why? The Standard was outraged.

But re-read Matthew's comments again. They don't necessarily say something will happen, but they might, though you are still left thinking they probably will. You can see Matthew is a master of spin.

So, looking at today's suggestion of a smear at National, doesn't necessarily mean he is wrong. We have seen from the Cullen and Clark attacks that such smears are very plausible. Indeed, by pre-empting Liarbour First by releasing the suggstion, it all might take the wind out of Winnie's sails.

If Winnie now made the claim, the press gallery would now probably burst out laughing, as they can now better see through his fantasy. Indeed, it maybe that now that Matthew Hooton has 'leaked' such a story, that it is less likely to happen. That doesn't mean that Hootton was wrong in his suggestions, but probably his own actions and the power of the blogosphere have changed the campaign direction of Liarbour First.

Hat tip: Kiwiblog, Matthew Hooton

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Anonymous said...

The one thing I do not understand is, if Labour wanted to cover anything up, why did they let Margaret Wilson proceed with the Privilages Committee complaint.
Surely, denying Rodneys request would have shut this all down.