Friday, September 12, 2008

Australian Minister resigns

The difference between Australia and New Zealand is, apart from the fact they have been through their corruption scandals and dealt with them, is that they have honourable Ministers of the Crown who resign when they feel the need to.

But resigning for dancing in your undies is a little OTT in my view – it smacks of the fun police just a tad.



Indeed Gooner a little lie and they are out in Oz. And despite 4 inquiries Winston survives.
What also struck me was that the matter seemed a most heterosexual affair.

The Australian quoted a witness to the incident as alleging Mr Brown had 'mounted the chest' of Ms Hay at the party, and shouted a profane and vivid description of the act to her daughter.

homepaddock said...

It wasn't because he danced in his undies, it was becuase he lied about doing it to his leader.

Some party leaders value honesty.

WAKE UP said...

Judith "Dance Industry" Tizard prancing about in her undies... now, there's a vision :)

Clunking Fist said...

But didn't their PM feign a lack of mammary memory in New York? He's a lying cunt, but survives.

The idiot minister souldn't have lied, but good on him for letting his hair down. Fun police indeed.

Anonymous said...

A bad thought,about the lesbian women(LIARBOUR) who rule us prancing about in chinese sports underwear (SORRY I HAVE VOMMITTED) THE THOUGHT OF CLARK IN MY BED GAVE ME GASTRIC REFLUX GAAG shit