Friday, September 26, 2008

Audit? What A Stange Term

What to the police mean when they talk about 'auditing' an electronic file on a case? Whaleoil wants to know.

Does it mean 'checking for accuracy' as in accounting where the term really belongs?

Does it mean 're-opening' the file?

Does it mean 'cleansing' the file of any material which might be embarrassing?

Does it mean another ball busting Spielberg movie? "The Saving of ......................, Cabinet Minister"

I hope readers will excuse Adolf for being mighty suspicious of this strange euphemistic term which has all the hall marks of dirty work behind the scenes.


PM of NZ said...

and who audits the 'auditors'?

Murray said...

Does it mean Dear Leader is squealing find the leak and purge them before the stoy blows up in the MSM?

PM, we do. We get one shot every three years and for the last three attempts we've gotten it wrong.

getstaffed said...

Auditing; In this context it will mean :-

(a) reviewing angles of defence (i.e. denial, deflection, denigration/smear) in the case of all or part of the content becomes public;

(b) removing material that has the potential to damage Labour and/or falsifying material such that blame may be attributed elsewhere

In other words, pretty normal stuff from our current 'leadership'

Ed Snack said...

Auditing will mean, in effect, an attempt to trace everyone who has accessed the file. In other words, there is concern that information that has been kept secret (for what ever reason) is suspected to have been leaked, and the hierarchy wants to discover who is responsible. Hence the added question (reported by WOBH) to staff suggesting that anyone who has anything to hide should say so.

Translated one more time, information on a case involving a current senior labour party member that has been suppressed at the behest of political appointees is about to leak into the public domain, to the extreme discomfort of some. If the details as bruited about are correct (and I can'rt say personally if they are), but if the are, then a piece of gross corruption is/has occurred, and if there is a change of government it seems likely that prosecutions and jail sentences may follow. Of course if somehow there is no change, then we will never hear of it.

Budgieboy said...

Ed is right, this Election is literally going to determine whether people are held accountable and go to jail or not. (over a range of issues)

How fucking scary is that???

A vote for Liarbour is a vote for corruption and cover up.

A vote for National is a vote to throw some sorry ass mongrels in the slammer.

Now who was it that made this election about trust again?

Ed Snack said...

Budgieboy, I'm not that clear on this one. Any number of WOBH rumours turn out to be just that, rumours. Some do have substance, and maybe this has. Certainly it would seem that there is concern over leaks, but what case is behind it is yet to be made clear. All I agree on is that IF (and its is an if) the case is of the nature and type that rumour has it, and let's not over dignify it by too much speculation, then something very nasty is happening.

If it's a beat up, then I agree it could be legitimate to suppress, but I don't trust the current police HQ personnel to honestly judge what is a beat up. The politicization of police HQ has gone too far for trust right now. I come back to: Why hasn't Len Richards been charged ?

Ed Snack said...

My oath, "its is"... Lynn Truss, please forgive me, wherever you are ! Perview should be a better friend.

Anonymous said...

Audit in civil servant speak is to ensure the files have no information that could be damaging to the Prime Minister in the 1st instance

Also to lay a trail to an innocent scape goat who will be scarificed on the alter of expedinency to satisfy the MSM and ensure the guilty parties escape unpunished.

It has nothi g to do with audit in the convential finance or any other usual meaning of the word.

Civil Service speak as per Yes minister and Yes Ptimr minister is a language all of itself totally disconnected with the English langauge