Monday, September 1, 2008

Another swing to the left

Dear Leader has tightened her grip on the Liarbour Party with its list.
But there could well be trouble from the disaffected MPs facing a dumping unless Liarbour improve its poll results.
The brutal list ranking announced yesterday abandons Labour's previous policy of protecting sitting MPs with winnable slots and could see blood on the floor after it strengthened the arm of Labour's left-wing, socially progressive faction over its more conservative right-wing rump.
Now, with such blood on the floor, might these disaffected Mps and ministers cause trouble for Dear Leader, plot for her replacement by Phil Goff, for example. What have they to lose?

And what, as noted by Homepaddock today, does David Benson-Pope have up his sleeve?


Anonymous said...

Me thinks Helen is a bit rattled at the moment.

With Holmes this morning she said "Mr Peters approached Mr Glenn for funds, oops I mean Mr Williams"

Holmes never grills her and lets her moan on about the National Party did this that and the other.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is a right wing rump?
Is it like a left wing ass?


Inventory2 said...

"conservative right-wing rump"? I hope Phil marinates it well before it goes on his BBQ, 'cos rump can be very chewy otherwise!