Sunday, September 21, 2008

Another course of 'damp squid.'

The Herald on Sunday reports that Uncle Helen is reminding her ministers to follow procedures should they take overseas travel.

The move follows further inquiries by the HOS into Winnie's trip to Vegas to see the Oscar De La Hoya fight. Who paid? And why?

Peters insists he met the cost of his airfares and accommodation in Las Vegas and later reimbursed "an acquaintance" who had supplied him with the boxing tickets.

The issue looks set to be raised in parliament this week.Bold

If the story doesn't sound too scandalous, The Hive reminds us why it is.

UPDATE: The Hive adds some more tasty morsels.

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Anonymous said...

Winnies geting a new house:

In typical Winnie style, the reporter asks if he is buying a house in St Marys Bay and Winnies answer is:

""I am not buying a house in Herne Bay and don't call my phone again," Peters said in a text message.