Friday, September 19, 2008

And now for something really offensive!

Yesterday, I emailed the people at MailMarshall to see if we can be unblocked by their filtering stuff.
Apparantly, at the Ministry of Health, for example, No Minister is blocked for its "Adult and Nudity" content.
I'm not sure about nudity, because these seem to be the type of tits, bums, pricks and c**ts that we usually deal with. But there you go.
UPDATE: This is what I received this morning.
Hello ,This email is in reference to Marshal Technical Support ticket number MTS-202970, Why is my blog banned from some NZ government departments?.
As a software supplier we supply the tools to do a job. Each organization that has our product adjust the rules to fit there purpose. Therefore we are not responsible for the content blocked by our product.If you wish your site to unblocked by a specific organization you will need to contact them direct and request your site to be put into an exceptions list.


OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Now there are some pictures that will make you lose your lunch.

Anonymous said...

This is the famous Kentucky Fried Labour Pack.

Chock full of 12 greasy pieces of left wings and arseholes

Heine said...

Oh dear oh dear.

David said...

The question the Marshal people should be answering is why they classed NoMinister as being "offensive". (The blocking message at MOH doesn't mention anything about adult content."

Would you like me to take it up with the security coordinator on Tuesday?