Tuesday, September 9, 2008

All aboard the Maori language gravy train

It's nice to know the government cares about Maori.
And I'm sure such government largresse will go down well on the East Cape, up in Northland and on the mean streets of South Auckland. They might have better uses for the cash there.
For a Maori dictionary was launched last week.
Well, that must be novel. It must be a first. Must be some other language I see stacking the shelves of Whitcoulls and elsewhere.
But Te Puni Kokori has just spent upto $75,000 marking this momentous occassion.
The 330 guests at the function were offered mutton-birds and oysters and given the option to wash them down with glasses of bubbly.
Twenty-nine out-of-town guests involved in the production of the
dictionary were brought to Wellington on all-expenses-paid trips.
Furthermore, the Dom-Post reported.
The Maori Language Commission said not all the TPK money would be spent and she expected final costs for the function to total about $65,000.
So, yes, that's our taxpayer dollars at work under Helengrad.
At $82 a copy I can't imagine the book being a big seller.
Perhaps instead of funding the bash some of the money could have been spent on giving away a few copies to some schools.
But I do hope Parekura had a good feed.

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Anonymous said...

A dictionary?

That's one book you can guarantee won't see the inside of most Northland, East Cape & South Auck Maori homes - especially if they have to pay for it themselves.

What a fucking joke.