Saturday, September 6, 2008

Advice for John Boy

Take that smile off your face and listen.
You are doing a great job but you still face defeat if current indicipline and leaking continues.
There are limits to 'me too', especially if you don't really believe in in it and the stumbles make you sound shifty.
And contrary to what TV3 says, you ARE allowed to meet with foreign billionaires. It never stopped Dear Leader, Winston First, or Mike Williams.
And as Fran O'Sullivan notes today, forget about your crush on Obama. He will increasingly be discredited as his extemist links become better known and perhaps even mentioned in the MSM.
The Obamination will also lose, so you don't want to be associated with that.
As Fran O'Sullivan notes, learn from Sarah Palin, who has galvanised the Republican Party in ways better than imagined and will rally support from across small town middle-America.
You need to do something too. Show similar steel. Attack Liarbour's many weakneses in stronger terms than you have don so today, but well done on disowning yourself from Winnie.
Clint Heine calls for you to use the c word against Uncle Helen. Yes, it worked. It did wonders for Don Brash too and rattled Helengrad. Now, the evidence is clearer for all to see. The funding rorts of Election 2005 are still there, Winston has not yet 'Paid It Back' after all these years, and we have the Electoral Finance ACT and other rorts either underway or pending.
So come on John, time to show some steel. You have done so before in the past, as Fran also notes. You might not need to play dirty as Clint Heine suggests, but a clearer message about the future of New Zealand is needed, just to remind ordinary voters as to what is at stake.
If you do not, then will that be Judith Collins I see shooting pigs out in the bush!
UPDATE: Monkeys With Typewriters also offers some advice.


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for proof that Key is indeed a smiling asassin. The only way to deal to Clark is with complete & utter ruthlessness. Her protection of Peters would be one place to start.

Lucyna Maria said...

I think Key's problem is that he can't learn from Palin, he's not a conservative, he doesn't get that way of thinking. So he can't pretend to be what he isn't.

Alan said...

Key needs to get a grip on himself,
potential supporters do not want the 'me too' strategy. He should be more pro-active and expose this
current and corrupt administration for what they are, he has plenty of opportunity, the election is his
to lose, if he continues down this

Anonymous said...

he election is his to lose,

why oh why do you fucks keep underestimating the guile and utter ruthelessness of the labour party, and the extent to which they have corrupted and slanted and rorted NZ's electoral systems so that they retain power?

thanks to MMP and the Maorimander, National and ACT need to be ten points clear of Labour - minimum - to have a chance of victory. It's an undemocratic rort.

Look at the majority votes at the last election: clearly for a National government. And yet Helen is still PM and Don Brash is eating corned beef from a can, his family and career in ruins. That's what Labour does to people who try to cross them.

Who knows what new bribes they will wheel out ($250,000 to the Maori Party, they clearly paid $250,000 to Winston, how much to Dunne & Anderton & the Greens?)

All this is public knowledge, but still the MSM - and hell, half the blogsphere - things Key has an even chance of becoming PM!

One last chance at the ballot box, is that it?

well I have yet to see any rational reason why 2008 should be any different to 2005. None at all.

Anonymous said...

It's like everyone has has often said John Boy needs to grown some.
And as the Helensville MP, there should be some hills for him to shoot bushpigs too.
It would be great practice for the Helldog, who also needs slaying, teeth and all.
So John Boy, dump the pink shirt. You are not in Parnell and Ponsonby now.
You need to rally your rural flock.


WAKE UP said...

It is deeply worrying that Key compared himself to Obama, a man of no substance and a Loser to boot. Key needs to repudiate that statement for a start.

dad4justice said...

A real leader is genuine and CANNOT be compared to anybody. Yawn, yawn, boring John Boy Wee.

Oswald Bastable said...

Time to harden up and announce a list of the crap laws that will be repealed immediately.

That will gain him a few points!

Anonymous said...

It's like a nightmare, nine long years and the Clark regime still in power, how I loathe the cruddy MMP system, such a rort alright. Key should have compared himself to nobody, it's just such dangerous ground. Clark thinks she is the only one capable of being PM, what arrogance she and Labour project nowadays. Yes come on John Boy, harden up, work smarter!!!

Psycho Milt said...

It's like a nightmare, nine long years and the Clark regime still in power...

Your pain is sweet music to my ears, anonymous.

Heine said...

I agree... actually my excellent co-blogger posted that post, but it is absolutely true. The polls show it to be a close race - when the Nats were so far ahead before. Shameful!

The Labour movement incl the trade unions are nasty and will do anything to win. They have the necessary willpower to get down and dirty and I don't see much fight from the Nats at all. Rodney has been the only one I have seen who has got angry lately but he is just one man.

Anonymous said...

I do hope John Key is reading tall these comments and taking note of them.
He does come across as a Mr Nice guy but that will not help if Liarbore take him down.
Fair enough if he wants to keep his hands clean.
But where are National's rottweilers?
It will be a dirty campaiogn and when Liarbore play dirty, the Gnats will have to respond in kind.