Monday, August 18, 2008

Who Writes This Crap?

Second question:-

Who reads the crap before it goes to print to check for literacy?

This from AP via TV3 today.

"Mon, 18 Aug 2008 11:07a.m.

The United States has accused Russia of stalling its military pullback in Georgia, but the Bush administration is not rushing to repudiate Moscow for its actions."

repudiate /rI"pju;dIeIt/

· v.
1 refuse to accept or be associated with.
2 deny the truth or validity of.


Clunking Fist said...


davidinnz said...

Now we have Audrey Young writing:

Peters wasted his time on the stand at the Winebox. It did not illicit the knock-out blow his followers thought it might.

Look up the definitions of "illicit" and "elicit", Audrey (or your editor).

Anonymous said...

reading the news and understanding the news are two diffent things...we have presenters who fall over themselves to pronounce things Maori but bearly understand English let alone how to pronounce it...NCEA perhaps?