Friday, August 29, 2008

While you were looking the other way............

The VRWC celebration this evening was indeed a pleasant affair. Champagne was quaffed, and scampi was consumed, though sadly I arrived too late for the latter and the atmosphere was most convivial.

However, while we all basked in the warmth generated by the fallout from the week's political fission, I couldnt escape the feeling that we were missing something. The nation's attention has been firmly fixed on Winston, and while most of the populace are aware that clark needs him and his party in order to ramrod the ETS through the house, I wonder how many have any inkling of the details of that legislation? Do they know what it means for the future of our country, and what are the implications for our standard of living? I can't say I do right now but I will shortly. Would they give a rats arse about winston's legal bills and his donations if they realised that our economic base is about to be reorganised at the whim of the most corrupt administration we've known in this country?
Hopefully winnie tosses his toys out now he's stood down and the ETS doesn't get passed before dear leader has to go to the country, but even so, I'd encourage everyone with the ability to do so to study this scheme, and the one that National have said they'll come up with, and do their best to get it's ramifications out into the public arena in detail.


KG said...

Winnie won't toss his toys out--that's why the meeting took so long, to guarantee he'll support the ETS.
They've worked out a derla between them and part of that deal is for NZ First to support a communist-style redistribution of wealth scheme.

KG said...

A Deal, not a "derla"!

homepaddock said...

The ETS will have a huge economic and social cost for little or no environmental gain.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear homepaddock.

Hopefully John Key will just repeal the bloody thing and start again.