Friday, August 29, 2008

What does She know?

What with Dear Leader dropping the bombshell yesterday of knowing for six months about the Owen Glenn donations, we really need to focus on the role of Dear Leader in this whole sordid affair!
The NZ Herald notes her evolving language over the matter over the past six months, culiminating in her confession before the 'confused' Owen Glenn, as Michael Cullen calls him, was likely to spill the beans on what she knew next week.
So as Winston Peters castigated Audrey Young at the Herald, plus the 'wankers' at the Dominion-Post like Phil Kitchen, Dear Leader sat by and did nothing.
Colin Espiner blogs she did not have to drop Winston in it, but he admits to the media having failings in not quizzing Dear Leader as well as it should.
But with Dear Leader knowing for six months about the donations and keeping mum, what else does she know? What about other NZ First funding arrangements and secret trusts? And if she can be silent on Winston's dishonesty what about the lies and dishonesty of her own tenure of office, her own government, her own party.
This is a Prime Minister whose first act in office was to lie to the Sunday Star-Times to help get rid off former Police Commissioner Peter Doone, which under Howard Broad saw the police become much more amenable to the Liarbour Party, never prosecuting it, depite Liarbour's many breaches of the law.
Indeed, as we note a week is a long time in politics, what about nine years.
Here's what Dear Leader said on the campaign trail in 1999.
"Our mission is to clean up Government and to clean up Parliament, too."


Anonymous said...

She is a throughly corrupt and immoral Prime Minister In fact when the PC and SFO finish if they both do their jobs correctly she will go down in history as the most corrupt PM the country has ever had. She is finshed and so is the Labour party they will struggle to get enough members returned to hold their caucas meetings in a phone box


Anonymous said...

The cartoon is all wrong.

Dear leader doesn't do dresses.


Anonymous said...

If someone had the time and resources, they would check a few things with helengrad just to check the boxes. For example, when she settled with Brownlee a few years ago, did she pay that or did the labour party and if so, did she declare it as a gift to ird?