Wednesday, August 27, 2008

well fancy that!

Winston Peters is in deep trouble.
Dear Leader needs his support to pass the Emmissions Trading Scheme.
Dear Leader backs Winston as the allegations swirling round him get more serious.
What a set of intersting concidences!
And look how wonderful it is to see a flagship Liarbour policy, with so many profound consequences lasting for decades, being pushed though with what little integity Liarbour has left?
How can the Greens feel that the planet is been 'saved' in this way?
Obviously their ethics are for sale too!


Redbaiter said...

Even to one such as myself, who has such low expectations regarding the left, it is still astonishing to witness how absolutely amoral the Klark gang are in the pursuit of power.

Of course after Mr. Glenn’s letter wherein he states he made the $100,000 donation to NZF for the good of the Labour party, the big question now is how much did Helen Klark know about this?

I cannot believe Glenn would give this amount of money to one party for the good of another, without the second party being aware of it. IMHO Klark knew of the $100,000 donation and has always known of it.

Anonymous said...

Spot on redbaiter, i smell a story here!.MSM take note.