Saturday, August 30, 2008

We are having an election, aren't we?

The Liarbour Party releases its party list tomorrow.
And with Winston Peters being stood down as Foreign Minister, there is renewed speculation the Election maybe sooner, rather than later.
But is that so?
Liarbour seems to be the most ill-prepared of all the parties, with it seemingly last to release its list.
And when National has been slammed by the media for not having policies, where are the Labour policies?
Who is being slippery for having no policies?
Who has the secret agenda for not releasing any?
Indeed, it makes you wonder if New Zealand is to have an election after all!
Couldn't Dear Leader cook up some excuse to call it off? Well, we cannot have a poll when the former foreign minister is under legal investigation, can we? Surely it is better to delay a poll until all the smears and lies and innuendo swirling around him have disappeared and the minister has been cleared by the legal process?
Well, New Zealand does have a short parliamentary term of only three years, so an extra year or two would only bring us into line with international practice, wouldn't it?
I'm sure this view is something of a fantasy, but in reality, what safeguards do we have stopping such a narcissistic prime minister from riding roughshod over our constitition and imposing her/his will in doing this?
Indeed, what constitution do we have?
In recent years, we have seen Dear Leader, without recourse to electoral mandate ending the knighthoods and ending our right of appeal to the Privy Council.
Such policies were pushed through without any mention in election manifestoes. There was no public warning, there was little debate. They arose through a secret agenda.
Other major freedom-threatening government policies like the Electoral Finance Act were also pushed through without such electoral mandate. Liarbour said nothing about the EFA in Election 2005 : and for 2008, other than odd calls for state funding of political parties from Liarbour, we see nothing in paper here. What is Liarbour hiding?
While the EFA brought thousands onto the streets, the privy council issue brought no response. Do Kiwis care so little about their rights and freedoms? Especially whan a strong government seeks to restrict them?
Indeed, with the Privy Council issue, the EFA, and how the agents of state, like the police, the judicary increasingly fall into line with Helengrad, we see our democracy being subverted and stretched little by little. At what point will it truly cease to function properly?
We have seen the police investigate Liarbour ministers, there has been a prima facie case against them, but it has not been in the public interest to prosecute. The Electoral Commission lets Liarbour get away with breaching the EFA, the EPMU can claim to be a third party, National appeals against this fail, and the Employers and Manufacturers Association faces legal troubles for its campaigns.
Under Helengrad, we seem to be heading towards a banana republic, with Liarbour clearly the most corrupt government in our history.
Of course, Dear Leader may well announce an election tomorrow.
I am sure Winston's office, which remains funded by the taxpayer, will step into overdrive on policy, which is why he still has it, despite being stood down.
Liarbour will use its state funded employers to get its message out there. The state media will fall into line. The rest will give Dear Leader the benefit of the doubt.
And thus the relentless march towards Helengrad will continue!


Mr Dennis said...

Labour has made a lot of constitutional changes by stealth, and the direction they are heading is certainly concerning. I have elaborated more here:

Anonymous said...

the real problem is it doesn't matter if we have an election or not.

with the Maorimander & the EFA & MMP

the outcome of the election is pretty much decided in advance:

3 more years of Helen!