Friday, August 29, 2008

They're coming to take me away, ha ha!, they're coming to take me away

Winston Peters is apparantly refusing to stand down.
There is now much talk the PM will seek a confidence vote on Tuesday.
We have a government in crisis and there maybe an early election.
Today, looks set to be as dramatic as yesterday.
It already got off to a gret stat with Phil Kitchen of the Dominion Post revealing Winnie received taxpayer support for his Winebox legal bills, contrary to what Winnie has said.
This come on top of yet another Winston Fund, Kitchen also discovered, adding to the infamous Spencer Trust.
What, with Winston's verson of events contradicting significantly with that of everyone else, not to mention reality, amid talk of the Dominion Post conspiring against him, it makes you wonder that if the Prime Minister does see to him, the men in white coats might be after him too!


Anonymous said...

Oh bring on the snap election remeber 1984 and what happened to the Nats This time the Socialists will be dog tucker


KG said...

He's gone. Stood down "voluntarily".