Thursday, August 28, 2008

RIP Winston Peters & NZ First

I know what it's like to be a supporter/member of a political party that is being written off and facing oblivion. Indeed, in 1996 North & South magazine absurdly published an article headed "Is this the final ACT?". We got 7.2%. In 2005 Tracey Watkins (I think) wrote the ACT obituary in the Herald. In that year not only were we fighting Labour but National and Greens too. Of course we won Epsom and survived, and will retain it in 2008 with a larger majority and increased MP's I am sure. In between 1996 and now there have been other times where people thought ACT was finished. But we survived.

The main reasons for our continued participation in the parliamentary process are threefold I believe. We have excellent longstanding philosophies and principles. We have excellent, loyal, dedicated people (mostly volunteers). And we have, and have had, excellent politicians. ACT is a party based on a belief that governments are inherently destructive and not constructive: they should be out of our lives as much as possible. We believe people make better choices than politicians. We believe regulation might be a requirement, but is certainly not a necessity. Sure, we have some rogues and we have had to swallow some dead rats in the past but ACT people are bloodyminded and determined. ACT's beliefs and policies are the best for New Zealand, there is no doubt in my mind. And all ACT loyalists believe that and will work for that, even in the bad times.

Here's the dichotomy. New Zealand First and Winston Peters couldn't be more diametrically opposed to how ACT is. It has no principles, or at least Winston has just flushed them down the toilet. It's people use zimmerframes. And its politicians, even according to its ex MP's (Laws & Widerstrom) are useless.

ACT has survived because it has foundations. By comparison New Zealand First is a leaky home. It cannot survive what is happening I believe. The end is nigh.



Lucyna Maria said...

I don't know if ACT is going to survive this time, either. I voted for you guys last time, but, not this time around.

WAKE UP said...

New Zealand First is a walking tragedy, not because of current events, but because of the leader's hubris and his acolytes' ineptitude. These have taken attention away from some of the party's original principles, particularly the question of immigration. In this matter, and in others, Winston Peters may have had the right message - but, as ever, has turned to be the wrong messenger

Anonymous said...

Well Lucyna, my family is making up for your loss of vote.

After all this corruption business, the votes of my family (3, maybe 4 if the election is November) are all going to ACT (went to National and the Greens last time).

Gooner said...

Lucyna, I do. For all the reasons I mentioned.

Thanks for your vote last time. But in politics you can't please everyone and you shouldn't try to.

The Silent Majority said...

ACT is not only going to survive this election but will see a huge increase over last election in the party vote. On top of that Rodney will win Epsom, the overwhelming majority of people I talk to here support Rodney. When policy is released and people get to understand the underlying vision and principles of ACT, a huge number will change their vote, those that hate heavy handed socialism and socialism-lite that is and those that believe they know how to run their own lives better than the government can for them,

bobux said...

Widderstrom (sp?) was a staff member, not an MP.

However, he appears to know more about how the party was run than most NZF MPs.

ISeeRed said...

Hi, Lucyna. I did and I will be. Why won't you be? Just curious.

Sean said...

"the votes of my family (3, maybe 4 if the election is November) are all going to ACT (went to National and the Greens last time)."

Anonymous...are you related to Shawn Tan? If so, I can understand why you are blogging as 'anonymous'...wouldn't want to be blacklisted and harassed by the EPMU and its mates also! ;-)

Psycho Milt said...

ACT (...) will see a huge increase over last election in the party vote.

Given that Don Brash isn't around to nick most of your votes this time, that's probably a reasonable assumption. You won't see any increase over 2002 though.

muzzerino said...

Man, this sucks, who cares about donations when there is more important stuff to worry about!

Leave Winstons Peters Alone!