Thursday, August 28, 2008

Public finding Winston Guilty as Rodney gets his reward

I guess a 'correction' was inevitable in the political market.

After a few months with leads of over 20% , the Herald Digi-Poll shows the lead down to just 13.7%, well down on the 24% or so of last month.

Liarbour can take heart its support is heading up, at 36.3%.

BUT: National is at 50% and can govern alone and ACT is up 2 to 2.3% showing Rodney's efforts over Winniegate is paying off. Liarbour seems to be eating its coalition partners, as Adolf noted in other recent polls.

Of course as Winnie suffers from the allegations, which have grown far worse in recent days, since after the poll was taken, his support can only drop further.

Indeed Dear Leader and Liarbore can only suffer an inevitable drop too from her steadfast support: Guilt by association in the court of public opinion.


Anonymous said...

Wait unti the next polls after the Glengate affair Prediction

nats 53/55
lab 30
Greens 4
Maori 3
ACT 5/7
NZ1 1


Anonymous said...

National likely cannot govern alone if NZ First only pick up 2%. National would only gain one MP from the redistribution, meaning they will get 61-62 MPs. To cover for the Maori Party overhang, they'll need 63 seats at least, meaning United or ACT is required to govern (I would hope the latter).

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Good to see ACT on the rise.