Thursday, August 28, 2008

Prawns And Beer

In a repeat of the gloriously successful demolition of Australia's most brilliant prime minister by Australia's dumbest premier, Adolf looks forward to the peeling away from fraudulent Peters of his NZ First members.

What will they use to lure away Ron Mark?

What will they do to inveigle the fool Woolerton who can't quite get his questions right?

What will be the incentive for the pommy gibberer Peter Brown, whose hair is thinner than his intellect?

What of the dimwitted imbecile Dale Jones? A year's supply of North Sea cod and chips?



Im just watching John Key on TV1 Close Up.
He's doing well.
Pity I just have to nip out now.

Anonymous said...

don't forget that old looney barbara stewart who has a nice enough hairdo she'll be able to do ads for elderly incontinence pants when she gets the flick - and let's face it, she's obviously getting used to being in the shit up to her armpits...

WAKE UP said...

New Zealand First is a walking tragedy, not because of current events, but because of the leader's hubris and his acolytes' ineptitude. These have taken attention away from some of the party's original principles, particularly the question of immigration. In this matter, and in others, Winston Peters may have had the right message - but, as ever, has turned to be the wrong messenger