Saturday, August 30, 2008

Parties, Seats, Policies, Bought and Sold

I'm not quite sure yet.

The Winston Peters saga is what I'm on about. It all seems so Byzantine but when you stand off a little and look from a distance, then perhaps a few things come into focus.

As an aside, the first question in my mind this morning is 'Where is the money coming from for QC Peter Williams' fees?'

But back to the villain of the piece, the scampiwag, if you will.

It seems to Adolf that yesterday's events were a little like the opening five minutes of a rugby test match. The preceding questions and 'points of order' stonewalling in the house, clownish press conferences, accusations of who said what and where etc were the media lead up to the game.

The real play now is under way and, like QB at the Hive, I believe that the main play will be the battle of the scampi. The killer punch for Peters, and by association Helen Clark, will be the tapes and affidavits showing Peters corruptly soliciting $50k in return for closing down the scampi quota select committee enquiry.

I'd go further and suggest that yesterday, Peters was pulling the same trick with Helen Clark. It did not take a two hour meeting to resolve something as simple a a minister standing aside while being investigated for fraud.

No, yesterday the terms and conditions of NZ First support for Labour during and after the election campaign were negotiated. Ironically, John Key gave Winston the opportunity to go for Clark's jugular yesterday. Labour will pull their vote in Rimutaka to ensure NZ First wins a seat and gets back in with four or five members and Winston will keep his baubles of office. Winston will give Clark his vote on confidence, supply and pretty much anything else Clark wants. Oh, they might go through a public charade of disagreement but that's just for the chooks in the media.

Remember, Helen Clark will do 'whatever it takes' to hold onto power.

It seems to Adolf that as far as Peters' political future is concerned, all of the to do about Owen Glenn's donations and the privileges committee are small beer. To get rid of him one needs to have him convicted and sent to jail. That is why the scampi evidence is needed to bring down this vile, malevolent and evil little king maker.

Meanwhile, the privileges committee and Owen Glenn will do sufficient damage to finish off Helen Clark for she will be the real target now. The evidence will show she conspired to buy out the NZ First Party, tried to bribe the Maori Party (who also should be called to give evidence) and made out that Mr Glenn would receive his reward by way of consulship.

It might even set fire to her draft UN curriculum vitae.

My bet is that Owen Glenn will be quietly determined that Clark's face never gets anywhere near Turtle Bay.

Oh and by the way, best comment of the week goes to Ed Snack over at Farrar's place: 'Did owen Glenn give $100k to Howard Morrison too? To stop him singing?'

Well done Lemur.

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Budgieboy said...

Peter Williams rattled me a little last night, but then I started to think on just who and what he has been associated with over the years. As Whaleoil put it "Don’t you have guilty written all over you if you front up with Peter Williams QC as your lawyer?"

Much bluff and bluster on only one of a ton of issues.

Queen Bee is right; they will seek to keep this as narrow as possible.

If Williams can provide accounts (hopefully by this morning the ink will be dry) for the Jones and Velas’ donations then Whinnie will portray himself as totally and righteously vindicated on ALL counts and all there will be much joy and merriment and all will be well in Helengrad.

Firing squads to assemble at dawn.

Bloggers get your affairs in order.

Trivial little things like the original hypocrisy of receiving money from big business (when you campaign against it), the lying to the public, misleading parliament, favours for cash to the racing industry, outrageously seeking to destroy the careers of media figures who were RIGHT about you all along, selling out your parties written policy on the ETS for your own (personal) political survival and, ( I could go on and on and ON) there is of course the whole scampi issue to be conveniently ignored/avoided and filed away never to be referred to again.

Readers of this blog are usually of like mind and need to be aware that keeping this thing alive till all facts are truly scrutinised by competent honest professionals is crucial and probably the most significant political battle of our lifetime.

Most of us don’t even recognise our country from 9 years ago when these corrupt Marxist bastards took over, 3 more years is just unspeakably scary.

The NZ Herald and Dominion Post have too much professional capital at stake to be blindsided by such bullshit, but the real opinion shapers of this country, TVNZ and T V3 are flakey gutless and unreliable at best.

Guyon Espiner seems like a nice enough guy who quite possibly might want to be a journalist when grows up, but hasn’t got the nuts or the smarts to take on Clark or Peters and apart from getting excitable every now and then is highly prone to the Ninth floor spin.

Duncan Garner is a twat that seems to genuinely dislike Peters (wouldn’t you love to see him go for his throat like he pointlessly did at Brash over that hypothetical question on the Iraq war? – well don’t hold your breath, he’s a coward) Anyway, I think he would love to hang Peters out to dry but when he finally wakes up to the fact that the object of his true affection, the Bilious Bitch, wants and needs Peters then he too will follow the Ninth floor spin.

The next few days are going to be interesting, but for a bunch of Bloggers and the few principled journo’s we have in this country this scandal would never have made it this far. Peters would be in a first class lounge, somewhere in the world quaffing back Johnny Black Label was we speak.

Peter Williams QC (does that stand for Queer C***?) has apparently dropped off his immaculate documentation (God only Peters could have immaculately conceived documents) to the SFO and the Bullshit Express is getting ready to roll. It’ll be setting a course for anywhere but Truth Honesty and Accountability so get your face masks on and get ready to play… in spite of what you’re about to hear in the next few days, this thing ain’t over and has a long way to run yet.