Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Firstly, my apologies to the families of those who have held their breath since my last post...... it wasn't intentional.

This post is in the form of an omnibus of questions , or should that be a blunderbus of questions, and a few statements on topics that have exercised me mightily over the last few weeks. I,m not expecting serious answers to them all but I feel they should be out there being discussed in the blogosphere.

Have just witnessed margaret wilson's inept performance in the House this afternoon as she ejected Rodney Hide. Short of producing a revolver and actually shooting Rodders dead, was there anything more effective she could have done to silence him from expanding on his allegations regarding labour's lapdog, the lesser striped baublehound?
I think that peters now owes clark for that little favour and will vote for the ETS with only the bare minimum of traditional grandstanding.

Speaking of the ETS, can any passing labour apparatchik confirm that the bill will be any more, or less, haphazardly and appallingly badly drafted as, say, the EFA?
Also why the big hurry??? To whom the good if the ETS is passed into law before the election?

Here's a good drinking game we invented a few weekends ago at a neighbourhood get together. It's called "guess what Clark will do if she wins the next election". It's simple to play, each person simply states the three things they feel that dear leader will do that she wont mention in the run up to the election. Slow learners are provided with examples such "anti smacking bill, and the EFA". On the occasion of the game's launch the group of players were a mixed bunch, a naval dockyard mechanic, a clerk, a housewife, a storeman, and this self employed person, to name a few of the occupations present and one would be forgiven for thinking there were some lefties around. Not so, if the most popular predictions are any indicator. The top three were:
1/ Finding a way to stop people leaving for Australia
2/ Extension of the parliamentary term to 5 or 6 years.
3/ Winston Peters will still be Foreign Minister

In my opinion, only one of the three above is just plain silly.
What was also noticeable was the total absence of such things as:

1/ Leading us into broad sunlit uplands.
2/ Ensuring economic prosperity for all New Zealand citizens
3/ Reducing the politicisation of the public service

Try it at your next soiree.

Last question cluster: How old is Steve Pierson from the standard, has he ever voted before, has he ever had a full time job, and how does he support himself while he's busy writing those endless screeds of trite crap he's famous for?


Barnsley Bill said...

Snap. Grant, this is a game similar to a an email chain I have going with a few friends.
Our top of the pops for a fourth clarkula term would read something like this.
*A new top tax rate in the region of 45% for those earning over 100k

*Further tightening of the freedom of speech in NZ to include talk back and the internet with particular attention paid to bloggers.

*Introduction of a inheritance tax and a complete revamp of laws affecting family trusts.

*making it difficult for people to leave NZ

The Wilson Creature has made Jonathon Hunt look like a great speaker. The erstwhile high commissioner for hampstead heath is the "fairy godmother" to Clark. In my opinion this sad old poof should be stripped of his gong if (looking increasingly unlikely) labour are booted this year.

Anonymous said...

Grant, this is Steve Pierson here asking the question. Judge how old he is for yourself. His real name is Clinton Smith.