Thursday, August 28, 2008

Now The Dirty Game Becomes Clear...

Update 1430: So far, so good. Cullen announced today the house will go into urgency. That's the first prediction on the mark

The Bitch knew all along about the $100 grand. That will turn out to be only one tenth of the sordid truth as it becomes more obvious each day that Clark's in this up to her ears.

Funny thing is, I haven't heard a raucus fat female TVNZ reporter screeching 'When are you going to resign, Prime minister. When are you going to resign?"

Why suddenly does Clark reveal her duplicity? Because she is desperate to close the whole story down and it is about to get ten times worse.

She knows Qwen Glenn is going to testify to and be cross examined by the Privileges Committee next Thursday and she can't allow this to happen because he will reveal her complicity in all the dirty dealing. It is my guess it will turn out to be Helen Clark who put him up to donating to NZ First, who put him up to an attempted bribe of the Maori Party

You see, she will have regarded Mr Glenn as being one 'of her class and stature' and you couldn't possibly have yokels like Mike Willians dealing with really important people like us. So, she would have fronted the whole deal herself.

She has brought her ETS bill up to No 1 on the order paper so that she can get it passed, if necessary under urgency, in time to prorogue parliament and call an election on Wednesday next week, thereby closing off the incriminating privileges committee.

Bloody hell, I'm glad she was never a currency trader. What a sorry loser!


monty said...

the bitch must resign immediately

Anonymous said...

I am genuinely saddened, shocked and disappointed by all this.

This government is a bloody disgrace.


Anonymous said...

This makes me feel absolutely sick.. what an absolute travesty... is there no end to the corruption of this pitiful woman?

jonightflyer said...

What a sick joke... will she pull a Mugabe and refuse to go?

KG said...

" there no end to the corruption of this pitiful woman?"
Nope. She's a Marxist academic/politician fer gawdsakes.
What we really need is a Royal Commission 9can we still have those?) into corruption in NZ.
But of course no political party is going to institute an enquiry without knowing the outcome beforehand because they all have dirty linen they don't want aired.

Anonymous said...

What we really really need is for Glen to be denied his day in Court before the Committee and then reveal all to one of the very few non Socilaist controlled MSM with corroborated evidence of a nature that even Clark cant deny. And i suspect Glen will oblige given how pissed off he is about not getting the Consulate job and being humiliated by Peters and Clark


Cactus Kate said...


That's where we are heading. Clark instructing Glenn to donate to Winston for the legal fees to keep him happy.

Cactus Kate said...

And good point regarding Dear Leader personally dealing with OG.

I doubt OG would deal with anyone but her either such is their massive egos.

Dave said...

Helen Clark not only knew about the 100 grand, she denied that fact in Parliament the very same day she found out about it.


I want Dear Leader to say on for as long as she can.
The longer this drags on, the more is revealed.
Her corruption is becom more well known and widespread by the day.
You take a couple of days off and its hard keepin up with all the varied details.

Anonymous said...

I would rather be a hard working HONEST printing machnist
that a LYING uni educated PRIME MINISTER,at least i can sleep straight at night unlike the crooked bitch