Sunday, August 31, 2008

New Zealand First - Bought And Paid For

Bought and paid for by Labour. Just like carcases of beef, hanging on the freezing works hooks.

After decades of abuse leveled at the National Party over imaginary conspiracies with big business, Winston Peters sold out his party, its members and its voters to big Labour. He has turned New Zealand First into the Labour affiliated Geriatrics Union.

How ironic that it is Labour, who for years have railed against big money and its influence in politics, which turns out to be furtively wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, buying and selling political favours like water melons at the Otara markets.

This is the same dirty Labour Party which harbours the execrable wretch Mallard who, without a shred of evidence, accused National of receiving money from American interests.

This is the same evil Labour Party which vilified seven innocent but naive church members who decided to become political activists and spend some of their own money.

This is the same scurrilous Labour Party which rushed through the disgraceful Electoral Finance Act in order to allegedly stop other people doing exactly what it has been doing all along.

This is the same nasty vicious Labour Party whose trademark is lies, half truths, distortions, slander, denigration and mistrust.

Good on Jeanette Fitzsimmons for today saying that she would have difficulty ever trusting Winston Peters. It's time she severed her relationship the the most untrustworthy party of all, Labour.

New Zealand can never again trust the word of Helen Clark. On anything. She is finished.


Anonymous said...

New Zealand can never again trust the word of Helen Clark. On anything. She is finished.

New Zealand can never again trust the word of any Labour. Green, NZF or Unionist On anything. They should all be finished.

Only ACT have the policies that will ensure the NZ Labour party, the Green party, NZF, and the Unions cease to exist by the time of the next election.

Look at the numbers: unless ACT is at 10% or above, NZ faces three more years of Helen.

MMP. the Maorimander, the EFA and all the rest give Labour a huge advantage - without counting the fact that they run the SFO, Electoral Office, and the cops.

Psycho Milt said...

I wasn't aware that ACT was a fascist party, Anonymous Fascist. What exactly are these ACT policies that will eradicate Labour, the Greens, Winston First and the unions?