Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Mouse tales

Living in the country you sometimes get to enjoy a little wildlife.
For the last few weeks, I have had a nocturnal visitor.
And tiring of the droppings on the kitchen floor, it was time to get a mousetrap.
But those $2 traps from the $2 shop are pretty useless and cannot catch anything.
A mate who has been staying with me borrowed a proper moustrap with a trapdoor.
Well, the cats belonging to the landlord living next door are pretty useless.
Anyway, after a day or so, we caught 'mousey mousey'.
So after keeping 'mousey mousey' for a couple of days, my mate freed 'mousey mousey' at another friends farm just west of Auckland.
But that night I heard another mouse, so the following night the trap was laid again.
'Mousey Mousey 2' was caught but somehow seemed to have freed himself by morning.
The following night 'Mousey Mousey 2' was caught again.
He does seem to like McDonalds cheeseburger.
Anyway, 'Mousey Mousey 2' has just been released, this time in the grounds of the Puka Park resort.
And just as two of the staff saw us, but they did not say anything!
I said my mate should have left the mouse in the bedroom of his flatmate in his Auckland house, whom he dislikes!
But there we go. 'Mousey Mousey 2' now lives by the sea and Number 1 is now a farm mouse.
Let's hope theres no Mousey Mousey 3.


ISeeRed said...

For heaven's sake, kill it and flush it! Don't just let it go and make it someone else's problem!

I have one of those metal wire mouse cage traps. Once a mouse is caught inside, I fully submerge the cage in a bucket of water until the mouse has drowned, then drop in the toilet bowl.

Mouse: Gone In 60 Seconds.

Hey, before anyone starts, if you eat meat, spare me any protestations about this being "cruel". ;-)

homepaddock said...

isered is right - though given the name maybe s/he's also left :) - kill the wee, sleekit, cowran, tim'rous beastie.

We use the plastic traps baited with peanut butter.

PM of NZ said...

As hp suggests the plastic traps with peanut butter work most times. Bacon rind lightly wired to the plastic plate and then smeared with peanut butter catches the most determined varmints who lick the plate clean.

Disposal is via Mr Hawk as he does his daily avian rounds of the front lawn. He seems to really appreciate the relatively fresh meat.

ISeeRed said...

homepaddock: the left make me SEE RED, so take that back THIS SECOND. I am SERIOUS. ;-)

homepaddock said...

Iseered - humble apologies, I retract the untrue assumption I made about your political views. I made a blue.

Clunking Fist said...

We have such a visitor. s/he doesn't SEEM to eat anything, but sure does shit up the crockery in the cupboard (prob just trying to stay warm). One of them ran away, then I saw him/her in the tank of the Dyson: it had run all the way up the hose. It looked at me, so all I could do was let in out, away from the house. Aye, what a poof me be.

I caught my finger in one of those $2 traps, but it took someone else to point this out...

Where does one get these wire cage/plastic jobbies, svp?