Sunday, August 24, 2008

Let us open our hearts to any freedom-loving Green Party refugees

Those naughty Libertarianz have kicked up a rightful stir with their brilliant You Tube video about the Green Party wanting to ban everything.
Not PC made a fine post too, revealing a very long list.
Such commentary was also picked up by Whale Oil, Oswald Bastable and Crusader Rabbit.
Even Frogblog noticed.
Of course, if state control and envirosocialism actually worked in providing a cleaner and greener environment it might be excusable.
But the former Soviet Union was a filthy place, as is statist China today.
For a clean Green world we need private property rights.
It might sound heartless, heretical even, but capitalism is the cleaner system.
It generates the wealth and the technology that makes it possible for environmental clean ups and to pay for them too. And if people actually own something, they will care for it better than if it is held in 'common' ownership.
The capitalist countries like the USA and pre-Kyoto Australia have the better records on greenhouse emissions than say Kyoto signing counties like New Zealand.
It will be the capitalist countries that will develop the clean burn technologies for our power stations, or carbon sinks or anything to soak up the CO2 in the atmosphere.
It will be the workings of the market that will ensure the oil will never run out, even if supplies decrease.
And yet, the Greens support state control and bans, showing that they are truly watermelons - green on the inside, red in the middle- who care more for their beloved socialism than they do the environment.
Note how our own Greens have a policy to ban smacking but it cannot decide whether to back Liarbour Emmissions Trading Scheme.
No wonder Act newbie Sean Tan has finally seen the light. But could there be others?
National created the Blue-Greens some years back as a kind of eco-wing.
So I am sure there is scope for those freedom-lovers with environmentalist beliefs to find a home on the right somewhere, or maybe there is a need for a new capitalist Green Party.
Indeed, I know quite a few righties myself who are quite environmentally-minded.
It's just that envirosocialism is not the right thing for them.

So what can we do on the right? Encourage the more freedom-minded Greens to join ACT or National or encourage them form some new party?


Psycho Milt said...

It might sound heartless, heretical even, but capitalism is the cleaner system.

What? Democracies are cleaner than totalitarian dictatorships? You don't say! Does this mean the Greens should review their policy of improving our environment by implementing a totalitarian dictatorship? No worries there, since they don't have one.

Any other bizarre and nonsensical delusions we can clear up while we're at it?

Clunking Fist said...

What do you think of banning the humble light bulb, Psycho?

Psycho Milt said...

If the dastardly govt does one day force you to save money by buying a more efficient light bulb, Clunking Fist, by all means take to the hills with your rifle. Shouldn't you be up there already though, defending your freedom to buy non-energy-efficient domestic appliances?

Clunking Fist said...

Or, to spin that in a non-socialist way: force me to bring vaporous mercury into my home.

Why don't they go thew whole hog and ban all forms of artificial lighting?
Think how much glorious power that will save, comrade!

What will YOU do, psycho, when they decree that your car is not of acceptable standard and must be decommissioned: too polluting and not safe enough?