Thursday, August 28, 2008

If only she could have axed it sooner!

Then maybe the SFO would not be investigation Winston Raymond Peters.
The Police are that much more amenable.
And as for that pesky Priviledges Committee, yes, let's get rid of all the National MPs on it like Dear Leader suggested.
Stacked with Liarbour lickspittles, it truly would get to the bottom of the matter wouldn't it?
She certainly shows her promised higher standards of government here!

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JC said...

Over the past couple of days, Clark has parsed the allegations in Parliament with "lawyer language".. relying on the distinction of words like "to" and "from" to wriggle out from her responsibility to sack the man.

Tomorrow gives her a further chance to be slippery.. Note that the SFO is investigating "NZ1st", not Winston. If she really wants to pass the ETS and generally fuck over the Govt, herself and the Parliament she'll say that she cannot suspend Winston because he isn't the direct target of the SFO inquiry.