Saturday, August 30, 2008

Idle speculation

I've been wondreing why Winston Peters would be so belligerent with all the journos if they're hot on the trail of some serious fraud. Surely that approach would just be inviting disaster? Maybe he has something up his sleeve? How about this for a nightmare scenario:
  • Winnie does have a full set of paperwork for all those donations, which turn out to be all entirely legal. He's just been enjoying winding journos and political enemies up into a fury of condemnation.
  • He lays it out in front of the SFO investigators, who decide there's no fraud for them to investigate.
  • Winnie gets his job back, and gets to spend the election campaign fired up like a flamethrower against the wicked perfidy of The Media and John Key.
  • NZF romps back into Parliament with essential support nicked from National, and Key's deep in the shit.
Admittedly, that's a plan not only so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel, you can't picture anyone being insane enough to actually try and put it into practice. So, on the whole I don't think it's very likely. Still, sitting watching the news last night, it's a thought that did occur.


Inventory2 said...

Peters Williams QC said on Campbell Live last night that an "immaculate" set of accounts will be produced. Note that - immaculate does not necessarily mean "accurate".

PM of NZ said...


Definitely agree. A frightening scenario. The SFO has but one chance.

Anonymous said...

It still will not be able to account for the discrepancy in stories over the OG donation. A donation where HC provides independent corroboration for OG's story.


Phil Sage (sagenz) said...

you got the first 3 right. Unfortunately for winnie he has declared non of those declarations. not even from spencer trust to wf. That means he has been naughty. Nor has he declared the value of the donation to his legal costs from Glenn. Legal but immoral. He remains toast

KG said...

"Legal but immoral."
Would make a good Labour Party motto-kind of like "fake but accurate".

Anonymous said...

An immaculate set of accounts? Presented on quality stationery
with glossy photos of happy, smiling good looking people?

Peters is bluffing.

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Helen Clark would be insane enough to try this plan. Lets face it, she ain’t gettin the PM’s job after 8 November by any other means (Even a military coup is out of the question thanks to under funding of defense, besides, all the best troops are off doing America’s bidding in foreign conflicts just like Georgia).

You could call the plan a weasel but Labour has demonstrated by their own actions over the last nine years that they have ownership of that word. Usually it has the word socialist before it.

Did I mention that the Labour party is seriously CORRUPT

Winston has certainly pwned Labour on this issue of integrity.

Anonymous said...

I fear the SFO either dont have the ability to investigate and will be bamboozled by Luigi and his legal eagles into accepting their evidence or worse still have alreay been told by H2 that H1 wants a clean result for Luigi

Note Liddell is refusing to look at the Scampi affair That tells me thats where the evidence lies that connects back to the Socialists and Helen. She knows theres a skeleton rattling in that cupboard that will bring her down so Liddell has very specific instructions Remember the Plod failure to investigate the election over spend and other matters.

Same MO with the SFO


Psycho Milt said...

Phil Sage and Showmethetaxcut: if the SFO finds nothing illegal, Peters will be back up again like a zombie you didn't cut the head off. Thought you finished him off? No, not yet!

The fact is, "legal but immoral" counts for jack shit in politics. For example, it's legal but immoral for National to anonymise its big donors by running them through trusts, but that doesn't affect their support any.

KG: see above - more of a National motto than a Labour one.

OECDrank22: if this is Peters' plan (not Helen Clark's, do pay attention) and it succeeds, the only person who comes out of it pwned is John Key. All that happens to Clark is that she gets a potential millstone - I mean, coalition partner - back.


PM, you are getting vey conspiratorial in your old age.
Still, it is a worthy senario , ell worth thinking about just in case.
But I stronly suspect there is enough evidence out ther to nail Captain Baubles.
I think the scampi business could be the clincher.

Anonymous said...

who cares about captain baubles?

it's uncle who's the target?

uncle helen and uncle mike and their corrupt political machine!

(Even a military coup is out of the question..

the PLA's got a lot of time on their hands after the Olympics are done.

besides, it wouldn't be a coup. After "serious, serious" irregularities were detected in the election planning, and allegations of "underhand, american" influence (of which there was absolutely no evidence presented) plus some labour stoolies in the ureweras blowing up a school bus or something (after letting all the kids and the driver out) "the domestic political environment will be too dangerous to contemplate an election"

and the heads of a majority of "elected" "democratic" MMP parties - Labour, Greens, UF, NZF :-) will petition the GG for a government of national unity to sort out the mess --- Key will be invited to join it, say no, and find himself in a police cell before long...

the police will be needed on the streets to maintain order

and Helens friends the PLA will be invited in to help the "civil power maintain democracy"

It's not over when Key is PM

it's not over when Winnie is in jail

it's over only when Helen and Andrew Little and all their labour and green mates are in jail; when its a crime to belong to the labour party or a union; and when the electoral system is fixed so this can never, ever be changed

it's called democracy. NZ should try it sometime.

Psycho Milt said...

Actually, it's called fascism and no we shouldn't try it sometime.

You guys really do live on some bizarre fantasy planet, don't you?

OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

New Zealand is scheduled for regime change in less than ninety days now.

Rejoice in the knowledge

May I recommend a refreshing beverage for PM. He might then be able to accept the new reality coming to New Zealand on 8 November (he might be able to read comments accurately as well). Think outside the box!

Anonymous said...

it's legal but immoral for National to anonymise its big donors by running them through trusts, but that doesn't affect their support any.

and while we're on the topic - can we stop running this 9th floor line?

it is neither illegal nor immoral for a political party - or anyone else - to maintain anonymity of their donors, members, commentators. It's called free speech

Psycho Milt said...

OECD rank 22 kiwi: this govt needs to go, agreed. But why anyone would rejoice at the prospect of the obsolete gang of buffoons and clowns that will replace them is beyond me.

Anonymous fascist: I realise right-wingers call it free speech. Those of us less prone to talking bullshit call it "a convenient method for concealing influence-peddling."