Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hillary Screws The Dopey Donks

Watching the Democratic Party convention is like watching the Dings over the back yard fence in Bunbury on a 1970 Sunday afternoon. (Dings are Italian migrants.)

No-one puts it better than the excellent and astute Victor Davis Hanson

"Bottom line: she remains loyal Democrat, dissed victim, the should-have-been nominated candidate, senior healer ready to clean up the mess of 2008, and savior in 2012. Note well Chelsea's ubiquity, the slick Hillary infomercial, Bill's wide grin, and the Clinton triad everywhere.

And the reaction of the Obamanics? They will belatedly seem like the baffled victims who discover their picked pockets, know full well who did it, but can't quite tell the police when, how, or by whom it happened."

Another 1970s Ocker had a cruder phrase for it:

'Fucking them with kindness.'

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Ackers said...

You would have to be less than astute to expect anything else.

Great speech. Not quite as good as Michelle's but all that was needed.

'Four more years of the last eight years'

Vote for McCain and get what you wish for.