Thursday, August 28, 2008

Helping ACT and saving Winston First

Last night I sparked off a debate on political correctness by noting the comments by fomer All Black coach Brian Lochore.
Were his comments that outrageous? No!
Were his comments particularly well argued? No!
So why did Granny Herald put them on the front page?
It's because of the All Black connection.
Whether or not they succeed on the playing field , the All Blacks are our Gods, our deities.
If, after destroying Winston Peter's, Rodney Hide wants to make it double figures for ACT in the polls, then why not have an All Black filling that vacant number 5 spot?
Dan Carter would be the man, but I haven't heard him utter anything political; the only All Black I know who has, Anton Oliver, has tended to be Green, but there again, Act has lured ex-Greenie Shawn Tan into the fold. Former All Black, Fairfax boss David Kirk, despite some of his papers, is said to be a National man.
So Rodders, go for an All Black, you know they have pulling power.
Who knows, perhaps it is so strong, they could even save Winson First and Uncle Helen, but would that be healthy for our democracy?


adamsmith1922 said...

I wondered yesterday whether Sir Brian is ACT's Number 5

Inventory2 said...

FFM - it's LOCHORE - Lahore is a dirty, smelly city in Pakistan!!!


Cheers IV2

PM of NZ said...

The AB's today, like Uncle Helen, are an airbrushed empty brand.

Apart from young Dan in his underdaks, you have no idea which way they swing.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Bring back Buck