Saturday, August 30, 2008

Game Changing Moments

There have been two this week.

First, John Key's rejection of any future dealings with NZ First and or Winston Peters.

Second, John McCain's choice of Governor Palin as his presidential running mate.

McCain is to be applauded. Less than 24 hours after Obama's schmaltzy showbiz acceptance of the Donks nomination, McCain stole the media limelight which his surprise announcement.

Let's compare the two teams.

The Donks

Obama whose ONLY executive experience was a few years chairing a terrorist's charity and supervising distribution of over $100m to dubious recipients is teamed with an aging and vain political hack whose only serious achievement has been to become known as a wind bag. Both of these men are effective spruikers but none have any principles on which to spruik and no record of performance. Two word summary: Shallow and risky


McCain whose record of experience and judgment is impeccable, along with Sarah Palin whose own record is equally impressive and who is unmistakably identified with the aspirations of blue collar America. Two word summary: Safe and exciting

I'd say that, failing an unforeseen disaster, the game is already over and Mr Obama can slink back to the back streets of Chicago where he belongs..


Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Obamas guest appearance on Sesame st. The lefties will be creaming themselves.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

That probably IS about his pay grade.

KG said...

Great choice by the Mac. Bloody brilliant.

Psycho Milt said...

You're an eternal optimist, Adolf. You may be right - Americans are pretty conservative, and the prospect of another 4 years just like the last 8 may appeal to enough voters to swing it for McCain. Wouldn't count on it though. And this fairly transparent attempt at "Look, lady voters - my running mate has a vagina!" could easily backfire on McCain.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Milt, I think you are wrong. The reason it is a winning stoke of genius has little to do with her gender. It has to do with her solid conservative credentials. That's where McCain was weak. She has energized the GOP base in a way nobody else would have done. The few votes she attracts from women will be chickenfeed.

Lucyna Maria said...

"Look, lady voters - my running mate has a vagina!"

Only you, PM, could look at a woman and think that. And say it. Most men are more polite.

Oswald Bastable said...

Having had a quick read of Sarah Palin's track record, I would say we could use a few more like here here!

She could introduce novel concepts, like bringing down bent politicians- even ones in your own party, canning pork barrel projects, selling off baubles.

You know- honesty, integrity and courage...

Psycho Milt said...

Only you, PM, could look at a woman and think that. And say it. Most men are more polite.

I disagree. Most men are certainly not more polite than me, but many of them are more given to euphemism and self-deception.

I know what a man thinks when he looks at a woman, and believe me - unless the man looking at you is a eunuch, in serious physical or mental ill-health, or a homosexual with no interest in people's appearance (and how likely is that? I hear you cry), he's checked you out pretty thoroughly inside a few seconds and could assign ratings to various parts of your anatomy at a moment's notice. This is a given - it's an unalterable physical characteristic, with no remedy beyond lopping the goolies off all of us before puberty.

So, with that unalterable given in mind, what matters is, as you say, politeness. That politesse includes bearing in mind that the results of the inevitable checking out process are and must remain irrelevant to any dealings you might have with the woman in question.

Now, that is polite. For instance, not parading the fact that women in right-wing politics tend to be more attractive than lefties (in itself, a function of the lack of this politeness among right-wingers, rather than any absolute and objective tendency of right-wing women to be better-looking), and not ridiculing the PM because her teeth are less attractive than the astoundingly expensive, highly-modified ones on a right-wing American woman.

That sort of thing is polite. Not saying "vagina" in public, on the other hand, that has little to do with politeness and everything to do with clarity of meaning - in this case, that McCain wants more appeal to women voters and thinks they're partisan enough to vote for him because he picked a woman as a running mate. (OK, she also brings in the religious loony vote, but the point stands).


I just saw TV1 news just now and McCain looked youthful and full of energy, while it was Obama that looked old, grey and tired.
Seems like the old trooper has stolen the show.
Obama must be realising that the game is up for him.
And the Donks wll increasingly realise their big mistake in choosing the leftist lightweight.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Yes FFM.. The OBomber / Biden bosy language said only one thing.


Which is highly appropriate for the party of defeatists.

Anonymous said...

Look male voters, my running mate has nice teeth, rides motorcycles, kills and eats her own moose meat [and probably doesn't take any shit from bears either--Listen up Putin!!] She has a husband and kids- in that order- and God help any smartarse caught checking her out and rating her anatomy within range of the back of his hand.

Can we live with this? Yes we can!
Its a darn sight more appealing than chanting Obama, future, hope, change, future, change, Obama hare rama.


ZenTiger said...

PM said: Look, lady voters - my running mate has a vagina!"

and then PM said: Most men are certainly not more polite than me, but many of them are more given to euphemism and self-deception.

and PM said: I know what a man thinks when he looks at a woman

Well PM, I disagree with the end result of your thinking. You seem to be claiming that men will reduce looking and interacting with women as simply thinking of them as a vagina. Anything else is euphemistic you say. And yet on NZ Conservative you are currently arguing on the PC thread you are happy to introduce your partner as your wife, rather than the vagina you've committed to. So are you merely being polite, or engaged in self-deception?

There's some weird thought processes going on there PM.

I know you said you know what all men are thinking, but seriously, whilst I acknowledge that I notice women and womenly attributes, my thinking doesn't lose sight of them being people, not just parts.

I disagree therefore with your coarse, crude and inappropriate reductionism. It doesn't actually reflect the thoughts of all men. Well, at least not this one.

Psycho Milt said...

Nice try, Zen - but I'm going to assume that most other people read past the first two paragraphs.

ZenTiger said...

I still don't follow your point PM.

So do you think about your wife as just a vagina, or don't you?

This is certainly the argument you appear to make in this comment thread. I don't accept this reductionism, especially as you try to say this is what all men think.