Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From Captain Cook to astronauts-new doubts on 'climate change'

Maritime records kept by old seafarers and explorers like Captain James Cook have cast doubt on climate change after they revealed a warming spell in the 1730s, like what the world supposedly had in the 1990s.
Apparantly a century later another such warming spell occurred, well without any influence from co2 emissions.
Indeed, Apollo 7 astronaut and physicist Walter Cunningaham says the climate has constntly changed and any impact from man will be minimal as there are too many other factors.
The warmest year on record was not 1998, but 1934!
Historian Arthur Herman notes 2008 has been a bad year for the followers of the climate change religion as many of their theories have floundered.
Indeed, Andrew Bolt lists facts missing from media outlets like the ABC and The Age:
Thousands of scientists now doubt global warming theory, especially since the warming it predicted in mid-troposphere has not occured.
- Polar bears have increased in number over the past 40 years, and are only now labelled “endangered” for propaganda purposes. -
Total sea ice has increased over the past few years, and sea ice coverage in the Southern Hemisphere has been above average. -
And as our politicians like Kevin Rudd , Dear Leader and alas John Key prepare their economically damaging emissions trading schemes, comes a warning that adopting such stupid policies will steer their political parties towards doom.
Hat tip: Andrew Bolt


MacDoctor said...

The Polar bears are saved!
The Ice returns!
The seas fall!

More proof that the Obamamessiah is the ONE! :-)

Mr Dennis said...

There is one party that is bucking the trend to blindly believe in global warming: The Family Party.

They are calling for a Royal Commission of Enquiry to look at both sides of the issue before spending any more money on policies trying to fight global warming.

Clunking Fist said...


The science is settled: nothing's happening...except some half-wit hairy blokes rogering western economies.

Anonymous said...

A close-to-home example for all you Jafas of the potential for ETS wreckage-- NZ Steel would have to fork out around $100m for carbon credits.

Their profit before this was $90m.

Just to cheer you even further, the Huntly Power station burns a heap of carbon and does not make a bundle either.

Just as well the world is getting warmer and you don't need the heaters in winter eh?

Your better off with lunatics making laws than this crew.