Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Quite often in the courts, Judges are left to determine who is telling the truth when the evidence of the parties clashes. To so determine they weigh up the credibility of the witness and the way the evidence was presented. A few half-truths or far-fetched stories and the gong goes against you.

That is why this photo is so important.

If Winston lied about this then he can't be believed on other things. Glenn can.

Judgment for the plaintiff, Mr Hide for the sum of $158,000.00

Joke: What's the difference between
New Zealand First and a spermbank?

With a spermbank you can't lie about your donations.


Anonymous said...

Of course Dail Jones will argue that the photo is a forgery!

Bring on Thursday. National should be able to finish the prick off in question time by tabling the photos AND the recently discovered Hansard attack on National for not turning up in 2006 to the event.

Roll on Thursday. Roll.

Anonymous said...

Does look rather photoshopped. Lighting is all off.

Danyl said...

Peters didn't say he wasn't at the sales in 2006, merely that he didn't meet Glenn there that year.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

You got it wrong, Gooner

With NZ First, you can't make an early withdrawal.

Adolf Fiinkensein said...

DIM, I think you'll find he said "I wasn't there." or words to that effect.

Poneke said...

If it is genuine, why does the caption say Peters is the NZ immigration minister?

He has never been thus.

Anonymous said...

Okay the photo is false.

And so is Hansard from February 2006:

"Winston Peters: “I will give members an example relating to Don Brash and the National Party. I saw them at the Karaka saleyards this year."


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Poneke, the answer might be that a journalist wrote the caption. Few of them were taught to read, write or think.

Poneke said...

It's just an odd caption. I'm not doubting he was at the sales as Hansard has it from his own mouth.

Anonymous said...

Look - he just happens to be holding an envelope full of cash!

Wonder how much is in there?

Socrates said...

Clark knew all along...

Goodness me. I wonder what is due to come out next week?

Clunking Fist said...

"He said he now knew the details of a conversation he held with Mr Glenn, and the information came from his ministerial travel diary."

So now what's he doing? Doctoring his diary?
This shit is priceless.

Poneke said...

So now what's he doing? Doctoring his diary?

There's a precedent. He produced a diary in Parliament in the 1990s claiming it showed Selwyn Cushing of the Business Roundtable tried to bribe him at Michael Laws's wedding. Trouble was, the wedding had taken place on a completely different date.

Cushing sued him for defamation and won.