Friday, August 29, 2008

Champi And Scampi - VRWC

Don't be late for the wake.

The Auckland chapter of the Vast right Wing Conspiracy invites all enemies of the Corrupt Little Pin Striped Prick to a celebratory evening of champagne and scampi this evening at the Cavalier in Ponsonby. (the usual place)

5.30 for 6.00.

I will pre-arrange for scampi and champagne to be supplied and I expect the cost of same will likely run to around $15 per head, depending on how many enemies turn up. We'll divy up the tab at around 7.00.

All are welcome, even Labour Party members. The only qualification for entry is a profound dislike and disdain for The Honorable Winston Peters.

One of a number of Vela donations to NZ First, whose leader Winston Peters remains defiant. Photos / Greg Bowker, Supplied

Don't forget, this might be your last chance to say what you really think about him before his political corpse ceases to breathe, for one cannot speak ill of the dead.



Sounds great Adolf, but where is the Caledonian?


You made the correction without me knowing.


Sounds like it will be a good evening.

But will be be celebrating Winnie's demise, or Dear Leader too as he brings her down with her.

Clunking Fist said...

APologies for non-attendance: I'm in Wellie.

Cactus Kate said...

15 bucks? What ya drinking? Lindauer???


Could be Bernadino?
Or Banrock Station, Cactus.

Anonymous said...

I think there's a typo -

cost of same will likely run to around $15 per head

this was $150 right?

I mean even labour fucks can afford $15

pdm said...

Bugger - shame it wasn't at the airport Domestic Terminal - I was waiting there after arriving home from Queensland and it would have broken the monotony. 15 bucks would have been a bargain compared to the prices there as well.