Saturday, August 30, 2008

A candidate of decency

Just prior to Barack Obama's nomination speech, rival John McCain posted an ad noting the importance of Obama's achievement in being the Democrat's candidate.
Doesn't this show the decency of John McCain?
Of course, Obama replied with , I think, 21 negative mentions out of 22 mentions of McCain in that speech.
Have we ever seen our own Dear Leader note any achievement for John Key, or say any kind word concerning the lad from a state house, who has succeeded in the business world and looks set to take her job!
Hat tip: Iain Dale


Sean said...

I think it's common courtesy for opposing political leaders to congratulate each other on significant political victories. Maybe Obama will do the same when John is confirmed as the GOP candidate (next week?). Other than these traditional niceties I think its business as usual and the knives are back out about 5 minutes later!!

Psycho Milt said...

Quick - someone warn the "candidate of decency" that someone's issuing a constant stream of smear-campaign attack ads against Obama under his name! He should be told!