Sunday, August 31, 2008

Blood Brothers or Thick Thieves?

Psssstt! ! Would you like to buy a political party? Call Mike Williams. He deals in them, using overseas funds - from Monaco. Kinda takes you back to Muldoon, don't it?

This morning's Sunday star Times carries an interesting story about Labour's challenge to Rodney Hide's Epsom victory in the 2005 election. It's not on line yet but the piece by Denise McNab lifts the lid on Labour's behind the scenes funding of NZ First and its cronies.

"Was Rodney Hide Winston's real Target in 2005?"

It's interesting (a) because of the names associated with the challenge and (b) because of Labour's inability to tell the truth about anything.

First there are the lies and then there are the names.

The lies.

"But Labour Party president Mike Williams said yesterday that although he believed Mr Hide had blown his budget, Labour had little to gain from challenging him."

The real truth of it is, the fools didn't get their challenge in on time and the courts refused to grant them an extension. In fact they had everything to gain. These are the incompetent clowns who have been running the country for nine years.

The names

Mike Williams and Helen Clark - of course they are no surprise. But hang on, what on earth are Owen Glenn and Brian Henry doing, fooling around in Epsom? How many blood brothers does Mr Henry have?

Just how much more money has Owen Glenn donated to Labour or personally spent on causes close to Labour's heart?

For the first time, it is becoming evident Labour has been using a foreign billionaire to fund their very own secret agenda - their campaign behind the campaign. The real secret agenda is Labour's extremely subversive and sensitive scheme to suborn other political parties, thereby manipulating MMP to buy their way into power, no matter what the minor parties' voters thought they were voting for. Any thought that the party's chief strategist, Helen Elizabeth Clark, new nothing about any of this is preposterous.

No wonder they don't have any policies. They don't need them when it is so easy to just buy the small parties.

Owen Glenn has been duped by these crooks into funding a highly immoral and probably illegal secretive plan to buy an election, to buy the support of NZ First, to bribe the Maori Party and to buy the overturning of electorate voting decisions in Tauranga and, now we find, Epsom as well. Adolf would like to hear from Mr Glenn, what other secretive activities has he been duped into funding because 'he supported Labour?'

Fortunately the people in the Maori Party are honorable and refused the bribe. I'd like to see Tariana Turia called before the privileges committee and asked to provide details of the approach.

These same people who screamed abuse at Don Brash and vilified seven businessmen whose only crime was to highlight the flaws in Green Party policies, (because the MSM were too bloody lazy or incompetent to do the job themselves) turn out to be selling favours and political patronage to overseas interests in return for funds to buy their way into power. Not only that but they did it when they already had stolen $800k of taxpayer funds and embezzled tens of millions of departmental funds to peddle their putrifying political promises.

Is their no end to Labour's appetite for other people's money?

The real irony in all of this sordid mess is that the dosy Greens who gave their support to Labour, received not one penny of this illicit largess and as well, were royally screwed.

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Lindsay said...

It's plain as day there is a lot more to be revealed.

Next week will be shit for Labour and the NZPoodles First mob.