Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baser instincts

Earlier this week, I complained about the wall-to-wall coverage of the Olympics.
Our good friend Ackers advised I should sit back and let my 'baser instincts' take over and let me enjoy the games.
Indeed, the Olympics is nothing but a pervefest, with athletic bodies, hunky guys, and women butcher than you will find at a K Road gaybar, though there are some hotties.
I see there is upset over the skimpy and 'sexist' nature of some of the ladies' outfits.
But how else can anyone gain interest in beach volleyball?
I'm sure the same applies to more male dominated sports.
I'm sure Cactus, Ackers, Uroskin and others are enjoying the men's swimming and the diving too!
Indeed, as our Friends the Saudis note, "nothing makes Satan happier than the Olympics" for its exposure of Women's private parts!
So, the perfect accompaniments to watching the Olympics may not be beer, but a few things not suitable for mentioning on a family blog like No Minister!


KG said...

Ugh! I followed the link to the feminazi blog rant about sexy women in brief uniforms--the comments are hilarious though!

Falafulu Fisi said...

Obviously, President Bush enjoyed talking to those US Female Volleyball Players at the Olympics. (Youtube below).

President Bush In China Ogling Female Volleyball Players

Clunking Fist said...

That guy just doesn't get how funny he is. The fat fuck sits there and complains about how people (or probably men, not those non-persons, women) need to PLAY spoort not just WATCH sport.

mojo said...

Oh dear, FF.

Psycho Milt said...

The fat fuck sits there and complains about how people ... need to PLAY spoort not just WATCH sport.

Self-awareness and a sense of irony are never among these guys' strong points. They wouldn't be able to do the job otherwise.


I've just noted the volleyball ladies are looking right down at the young gymnasts's crotch!

Anonymous said...

Has the gymnast got a stiffy?
Does he know the beach babes are looking?