Sunday, August 10, 2008

Banned by The Standard!!

I guess it had to happen sooner or later.
But this afternoon I was banned by the Standard.
What had I done to upset these delicate flowers of the left?
What had I said that struck fear into the dear little hearts?
What was the unpalatable truth I had put on their little blog?
Or had I been really beastly and said Dear Leader was a Lesbian Anti-Christ who feasted on the blood of newborn lambs?
No, I had replied to the post on John Key donating part of his salary to charity.
I echoed comments on my own post, noting Don Brash's qualifications as a potential High Commissioner to London, adding Dear Leader would alo, as a former PM offer much to a future National government, just as Jim Bolger has served Liarbour.
I also said it was a bit rich Winston accusing John Key of being 'desperate' for donating to charity considering his own efforts with the $158,000.
But anyway, Lynn Prentice says I am banned , amid other things, for calling them "the Liarbour lapblog."
Remember what I said this weekend about the facist left? How they seek to shut down debate, whether it is global warming believers or Democrats in the US threatening donors to conservative causes with IRD investigations and other harassments.
We see it here with the Greens wanting Prime TV not to show the Great Global Warming Swindle. We see it here with Liarbour and its Electoral Finance Act making political involvement much harder and with rules so complicated theparty doesn't know how to follow them itself.
We see it with the repeated bannings and snarky replies over at the Liarbour lapblog, the Standard.
Who are the tolerant? Who ar the believers of free speech? Who is happy to enjoy debate?
It is the right! It is blogs like this and others in the VWRC where bannings are quite rare.
True, as it is their property, the Standard is free to allow whoever it wants to comment on their little blog. But as the showcase blog of the left, it had failed in what might be an aim for such new media, stimulating debate and ideas.
Instead , the Standard has revealed its true colours. It is not part of the democratic process like the other blogs, no it is a tool of the facist left, one that will have ever more control of our lives if we let them.


Anonymous said...

Liarbour lapblog honour roll...

Tane = Neale Jones, Communications Advisor of the EPMU.

IrishBill = Rob Egan, Communications Advisor of the EPMU

all_your_base = Chris Elder, Communications staffer ninth floor

Andrew Kirton, another communications staffer this time to Lumuanahchumbawumba Winnie Laban

and finally Antony Rhodes who is a staffer in absentee MP Judith Tizard’s office

Rob Salmond = former DPMC staffer and credited by his own mouth as the founder of The Standard. He was previously an MFAT officer, posted to the UN in New York, then worked in the PM’s office and is now an assistant professor of political science at the University of Michigan

Thanks Whaleoil

Anonymous said...

Really FFM you had been your wanker self, that is all it took!


Anonymous said...

Oh and FFM = Darren Greenwood


Lynn Prentice said...

You got banned because:-

1. Your comments seldom added anything to debate. Just like the posts here. I've written notes on a couple, so have other moderators.

2. You kept going into moderation because you cannot spell. For instance Labour appears beyond your capabilities. I'm not sure why, but the lunatic fringe on the right seem to have a problem with spelling (and grammer, and civility, and...).

3. You appear to have a fetish about a dead dictator in Korea.

4. Tane put you on my watchlist.

When you popped into moderation yet again because of poor spelling and dictator fetishism. I decided that you were too much maintenance with too little contribution.

Of course if you'd added something interesting like non-canned lines, a sense of adult humor, some actual knowledge, .... Hell anything - I'd have probably left your access on. But I scanned all of your comments on The Standard without finding anything worth reading.

it is a pity because you do seem to occasionally use your brain here.

But in the interests of keeping our readers, you failed The Standard.

ISeeRed said...

lynn, someone who types "grammer" has no business criticising someone else's spelling.

The Prophet said...

Lynn - Do you know what a turkey is?

My advice to you is NOT to vote before Christmas.

Grant said...

Does Lyn not see the irony in banning FFM from his odious site for a cluster of reasons which, when compiled, simply add up to "We don't like you and your opinions", while we allow him to post his pompous prose on here without let or hindrance.

Heine said...

Watchlist??? That's hilarious Lynn. Your watchlist..oooh I am scared!

I don't know why anybody gives these fools at the Standard the time of day. We all know they are all Labour and Union flunkies with delusions of grandeur that they are the most read blog in NZ.

They will implode after the election, I suspect many of them will be job hunting very soon.

dad4justice said...

Is it standard procedure to ban critics?
There are no friends on blogosphere, yawn, yawn.

( 1000 demerits and life time ban)

Why bother?

Bryan Spondre said...

Lynn Prentice: ironic how the Government that criticizes the transparency of the opposition

a) gets caught out but it's own law
b) supports another party that appears to be the least transparent of any party
c) staffs and directs a blog that is the least transparent in the NZ political blogosphere.

When are you chaps going to come out and admit what everyone already knows ?

Anonymous said...

Well all these fucks sure our on our watchlist.

I hope you've got no mortgage, no debts, and a passport from the UK or Aussie come November

because you all have no future here in NZ

No job in the civil service.

Noone will lend you any money to keep your flash Island Bay houses

No company will employ you with your own money

and there won't be any unions throwing money around once the EFA is fixed!

all I will say is that you and your bludging union, Labour and bennie makes are absolutely right to be scared shitless of the forthcoming National/ACT government!

there is a reckoning to come: and you're to be reckoned with!

KG said...

ooooooh! poor spelling!
Well, that's it then, FFM--the Spelling Police have spoken.
Given the number of semi-literate dipshit trolls on the left, that's hilarious.

rich prick said...

They have a "watchlist"?? Come on, hall monitors are so 1990's. Mind you that little gem provides a real insight into the leftist's mind.


I apologise for bad spelling.
I should have learny to have spelt hypocrisy by now.
But some is the fault of my keyboard, which can be sticky at times , so I miss the odd letter.

Anonymous said...

I was banned from the Standard because I am Jewish and complained about some of the anti semitic under tones in their John Key hate pieces.

Inventory2 said...

FFM - I've posted in solidarity with you, so I'm expecting to join you in Coventry

Frank Mitchell said...

Lynn Prentice loves the could start a comment with the words 'I disagree' and that numpty fuck would ban you.
Still haven't had a response to my email to Andrew Little asking what he thinks about bumlickers like Neale using EPMU time to update that piece of shite.

WAKE UP said...

Richard Nixon had a "watchlist" - and we know what happened to him.

ps - anonymous, you left out of the lapdog list:

Judith Tizard, Minister for Helen's Handbag

Jonathan Hunt, Minister for Taxi Abuse, Obesity and Wine.

Anonymous said...

You have it wrong Wake Up.
Jonathan hunt was the Minister for Wine and Cheesem not just wine.
I recall he is a portly fellow.
Port-ly in fact :)

But yes, the Standard surely shows how much it is a Liarbore Lapblog in this.
It's actions confirm everything the VRWC has said about it.

And the sensitivity of their actions too, especially with regard to what David Farrar and Whale Oil investigated about its union/Liarbore links.

Where are the media when they should investigate this taxpayer helped outfit?


Panda said...

Proud to also say I have been banned from the communist Mouthpiece

What a sad bunch of pathetic wankers they are

I even had a personal email abusing me after I had the temerity to question my Banning

I must say the greens are more open to debate and dissenting views than these tossers

Bryan Spondre said...

"I must say the greens are more open to debate and dissenting views than these tossers"

Yeah the Greens run a good blog. I was impressed to see Sue Bradford posting under her own name. It is also interesting to examples of dissent among the Green posters rather than the homogenous on message 'sales pitch'.