Sunday, August 31, 2008

And they also believe Winston is innocent!

The Sunday Star-Times says its survey of Kiwi beliefs shows New Zealand First voters are more prone to believing in conspiracy theories.

New Zealand First voters were more likely to believe that. . .
* New Zealand is constantly manipulated by big business (70 percent believed this);
* The All Blacks were poisoned before the 1995 world cup final in South Africa (47 percent);
* The US government knew about or planned the 9/11 attacks (52 percent);
* A secret elite cabal controls world affairs (38 percent);
* Princess Diana was assassinated (38 percent);
* World governments are hiding evidence of alien visits (35 percent); and
* Elvis Presley faked his own death (5 percent).

But the report added one important caveat, showing there are some beliefs that are truly embarassing.

Just 60 people said they were New Zealand First supporters, but according to the survey's creator, Marc Wilson, this figure is still sufficiently large to draw sound statistical conclusions.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

And small enough to ensure Peters is booted out on his sorry arse. If my memory is correct 60 is still 1% of 6000.

JamesP said...

If correct, that survey makes me worry about the future of this country. Over half think the US government was in some way complicit in 9/11. WTF? Of that list only the world cup poisoning is even vaguely plausible because it could have been carried out by a single person acting alone. All the others would require a fantastically large group of conspirators.

I can only hope that the nature of the quiz attracted enough fuit loops so that those percentages are wildly inflated.


Well, James , they are Sunday Star-Times readers after all.
Perhaps they have been believing the contents of the newspaper.
Thankfully, the incumbent ditor has resigned to be a legal mouthpiece for former Liarbour PM Geoffrey Palmer.

Anonymous said...

God im 60 yo in 3 months time and i would not walk on winnie if he was a door mat in case he stuck to my shoes like dog shit,

WAKE UP said...

THE TRAGEDY of New Zealand First is not the current series of events, but the leader's hubris and his acolytes' ineptitude. There were times when Winston Peters and Co. may have had the right message - but, as ever, they have turned to be the wrong messengers.