Sunday, August 31, 2008

An Overseas Fund Raisng Trip

Radio Left Wing News dropped a clanger at 2200 tonight.

In a two days late reference to Owen Glenn refusing to give money to Labour, reference was made to a statement by party secretary and general oaf Mike Williams who had met with Mr Glenn in Nice during an 'overseas fund raising trip.'

Well well well. Overseas fund raising, eh?

Where else have you been selling policies and political favours, Mr Williams?

Teheran? Tripoli? Moscow? Riyahd? Bejing? Beirut? Pyongyang?

It's long past time this gang of crooks was brought before a judge and put under oath.

Key rules out Peters altogether

Not just as a Minister, but lock, stock and all smoking barrels.

What does he know do you think?

A Small Win For Bloggers

TV3 has been stung by bloggers into posting a disclaimer on their blog for professor Duncan Webb who has not posted any commentary since being outed as a Labour activist.

Duncan Webb

Duncan Webb

Duncan Webb is a professor of law at the University of Canterbury and a political commentator. He is a Labour Party member and has held prior roles in Labour's Christchurch Central branch.

Not Out

Courtesy Whaleoil

Winston Peters is bald

Is this cricket's newest international umpire?

Tony Greig with a sun tan?

Dear Leader's List

NZPA has some details of the Liarbour Party List.
Rejuvenation includes adding the 62-year-old former Race Race Relations Commissioner Rajen Prasad on board.
I'll add more when I can.
But NZPA need to know Sir Ronnie Flanagan is not and has never been Home Secretary in Britain, but is one of Britain's top cops.
I do hope candidate Jacinda Ardern has not been embelleshing her CV.
Anyway, seems like the usual ragbag of public sector 'workers', unionists and the odd lawyer to me.
Still the same old Liarbour Party!
But Jacinda looks too pretty to be a socialist :)
UPDATE: Martin Kay of Stuff offers more detail, but still makes the same mistake about the UK Home Secretary.
That is Jacqui Smith, NOT, I repeat, Sir Ronnie Flanagan.
UPDATE2: Full list here, which Mike Williams describes as 'talented'. Notable entries include Judith Tizard at 38 (will she survive if National take Auckland Central?), and Jordan Carter at 71.
I see the official Liarbour release makes the error about Jacinda Ardern working for the UK Home Secretary 'Sir Ronnie Flanagan.'
Are Liarbour so dumb to make foolish errors like this? But obviously the media must be equally dumb for not picking it up!
UPDATE3: The Hive offers its analysys of which MPs will stay and go. Darien Fenton and Judith Tizard are on the endangered list.
UPDATE 4: David Farrar offers his analysis here and notes other Liarbour blunders here.

New Zealand First - Bought And Paid For

Bought and paid for by Labour. Just like carcases of beef, hanging on the freezing works hooks.

After decades of abuse leveled at the National Party over imaginary conspiracies with big business, Winston Peters sold out his party, its members and its voters to big Labour. He has turned New Zealand First into the Labour affiliated Geriatrics Union.

How ironic that it is Labour, who for years have railed against big money and its influence in politics, which turns out to be furtively wheeling and dealing behind the scenes, buying and selling political favours like water melons at the Otara markets.

This is the same dirty Labour Party which harbours the execrable wretch Mallard who, without a shred of evidence, accused National of receiving money from American interests.

This is the same evil Labour Party which vilified seven innocent but naive church members who decided to become political activists and spend some of their own money.

This is the same scurrilous Labour Party which rushed through the disgraceful Electoral Finance Act in order to allegedly stop other people doing exactly what it has been doing all along.

This is the same nasty vicious Labour Party whose trademark is lies, half truths, distortions, slander, denigration and mistrust.

Good on Jeanette Fitzsimmons for today saying that she would have difficulty ever trusting Winston Peters. It's time she severed her relationship the the most untrustworthy party of all, Labour.

New Zealand can never again trust the word of Helen Clark. On anything. She is finished.

And they also believe Winston is innocent!

The Sunday Star-Times says its survey of Kiwi beliefs shows New Zealand First voters are more prone to believing in conspiracy theories.

New Zealand First voters were more likely to believe that. . .
* New Zealand is constantly manipulated by big business (70 percent believed this);
* The All Blacks were poisoned before the 1995 world cup final in South Africa (47 percent);
* The US government knew about or planned the 9/11 attacks (52 percent);
* A secret elite cabal controls world affairs (38 percent);
* Princess Diana was assassinated (38 percent);
* World governments are hiding evidence of alien visits (35 percent); and
* Elvis Presley faked his own death (5 percent).

But the report added one important caveat, showing there are some beliefs that are truly embarassing.

Just 60 people said they were New Zealand First supporters, but according to the survey's creator, Marc Wilson, this figure is still sufficiently large to draw sound statistical conclusions.

Oh! And I thought the EPMU was a independent third party

In discussing the Shawn Tan case, Matt McCarten almost drops the EPMU in it.

The EPMU is a highly political union with deep roots and formal affiliation to the Labour Party. It was a founding member and regularly puts its union affiliation to a vote of its members. Rex Jones was the Labour Party president in the late 1980s while heading the union.
Union head Andrew Little is a popular fancy to replace Mike Williams as Labour Party president after the election.

Perhaps someone should tell the Electoral Commission.

Blood Brothers or Thick Thieves?

Psssstt! ! Would you like to buy a political party? Call Mike Williams. He deals in them, using overseas funds - from Monaco. Kinda takes you back to Muldoon, don't it?

This morning's Sunday star Times carries an interesting story about Labour's challenge to Rodney Hide's Epsom victory in the 2005 election. It's not on line yet but the piece by Denise McNab lifts the lid on Labour's behind the scenes funding of NZ First and its cronies.

"Was Rodney Hide Winston's real Target in 2005?"

It's interesting (a) because of the names associated with the challenge and (b) because of Labour's inability to tell the truth about anything.

First there are the lies and then there are the names.

The lies.

"But Labour Party president Mike Williams said yesterday that although he believed Mr Hide had blown his budget, Labour had little to gain from challenging him."

The real truth of it is, the fools didn't get their challenge in on time and the courts refused to grant them an extension. In fact they had everything to gain. These are the incompetent clowns who have been running the country for nine years.

The names

Mike Williams and Helen Clark - of course they are no surprise. But hang on, what on earth are Owen Glenn and Brian Henry doing, fooling around in Epsom? How many blood brothers does Mr Henry have?

Just how much more money has Owen Glenn donated to Labour or personally spent on causes close to Labour's heart?

For the first time, it is becoming evident Labour has been using a foreign billionaire to fund their very own secret agenda - their campaign behind the campaign. The real secret agenda is Labour's extremely subversive and sensitive scheme to suborn other political parties, thereby manipulating MMP to buy their way into power, no matter what the minor parties' voters thought they were voting for. Any thought that the party's chief strategist, Helen Elizabeth Clark, new nothing about any of this is preposterous.

No wonder they don't have any policies. They don't need them when it is so easy to just buy the small parties.

Owen Glenn has been duped by these crooks into funding a highly immoral and probably illegal secretive plan to buy an election, to buy the support of NZ First, to bribe the Maori Party and to buy the overturning of electorate voting decisions in Tauranga and, now we find, Epsom as well. Adolf would like to hear from Mr Glenn, what other secretive activities has he been duped into funding because 'he supported Labour?'

Fortunately the people in the Maori Party are honorable and refused the bribe. I'd like to see Tariana Turia called before the privileges committee and asked to provide details of the approach.

These same people who screamed abuse at Don Brash and vilified seven businessmen whose only crime was to highlight the flaws in Green Party policies, (because the MSM were too bloody lazy or incompetent to do the job themselves) turn out to be selling favours and political patronage to overseas interests in return for funds to buy their way into power. Not only that but they did it when they already had stolen $800k of taxpayer funds and embezzled tens of millions of departmental funds to peddle their putrifying political promises.

Is their no end to Labour's appetite for other people's money?

The real irony in all of this sordid mess is that the dosy Greens who gave their support to Labour, received not one penny of this illicit largess and as well, were royally screwed.

The Banning of Sean

Adolf is a gentle tolerant person who strives to avoid conflict. However, when confronted with deliberate lies and misinformation, particularly when intended to smear or besmirch, he becomes aggressive and unyielding. Such is the case with commenter Sean who is banned forever from Adolf's blog here at No Minister.

Here's why.

In a comment stream on the choice of Alaska governor Sarah Palin as Republican candidate for vice president, Sean offered the following quote.

"Nevertheless, she [Palin] is under investigation for her firing of a state official, Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. She has been instructed to hand over documents and recordings of telephone conversations as part of the inquiry, which grew out of allegations that she sacked Monegan for refusing to fire her former brother-in-law from the state police...Palin has admitted that the call could be interpreted as pressure to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, who was locked in a child-custody battle with Palin's sister."

Here is the original quote which Sean deliberately doctored to make it seem that Mrs Palin herself had phoned Monegan and instructed him to sack her sister's estranged husband. Spot the difference, highlighted in red.

" Nevertheless, she is under investigation for her firing of a state official, Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. She has been instructed to hand over documents and recordings of telephone conversations as part of the inquiry, which grew out of allegations that she sacked Monegan for refusing to fire her former brother-in-law from the state police.

She has denied wrongdoing.

But Palin acknowledged that a member of her staff made a call to a trooper in which the staffer suggested that he was speaking for the governor.

Palin has admitted that the call could be interpreted as pressure to fire state trooper Mike Wooten, who was locked in a child-custody battle with Palin's sister. She suspended the staffer who made the call."

No Ethics, No Morals, No Shame. Labour

Good grief. No wonder Labour has insulted and slandered Own Glenn. He's quite rightly turned the money tap off on them after they had the cheek to go back asking for more just three months ago! The slandering of Owen Glenn last week was the most outrageous and disgusting display of churlishness and raw opportunism one could imagine. He was their biggest financial supporter.

Because all the people in Labour have spent all their lives cloistered in unions or universities, they don't realise that real people in the real world know how to recognise when they have backed a loser. Owen Glenn certainly has.

Now that Labour has publicly denigrated him and cast aspersions upon his character, they can expect nothing to be held back at the privileges committee this week. He should be asked to show the committee Helen Clark's tooth marks on his 'once were generous' hands.

Labour - Coalition Corpse

Heavens to Betsy. Adolf agrees with Hone Harawira whose hilarious commentary is here.

Just a further sign of a National, Act, Maori Party coalition. In other words a government of national unity.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

So why are we in recession then?

UK blogger Guido Fawkes notes the contrasting economic fortunes of the US versus the UK.

UK Finance Minister Gordon Brown blames the 'credit crunch' for causing economic problems in the UK as well as globally.

Indeed, that seems to be the consensus here. The US is also to blame for our economic problems.

But hang on! The US has economic growth steaming along at a healthy 3.3%.

So how come it isn't suffering from low growth too?

Isn't a $150 billion taxcutting package from George Bush helping the economy, he asks?

Indeed, while the fiscal prudence of Dubya's government can be questioned, how much of our own slothful growth can also be put down to high Liarbour taxation?

A candidate of decency

Just prior to Barack Obama's nomination speech, rival John McCain posted an ad noting the importance of Obama's achievement in being the Democrat's candidate.
Doesn't this show the decency of John McCain?
Of course, Obama replied with , I think, 21 negative mentions out of 22 mentions of McCain in that speech.
Have we ever seen our own Dear Leader note any achievement for John Key, or say any kind word concerning the lad from a state house, who has succeeded in the business world and looks set to take her job!
Hat tip: Iain Dale

The only time when Liarbour MP and Class A go together

Yet another blow for Liarbour.
One of its so-called rising stars Darien Fenton has been exposed as a former junkie.
Ian Wishart, once more delivers the stories the MSM fears to find, that of a junkie MP who has struggled with Class A drug abuse.
Some of her fellow druggies , it seem, were also less than complimentary on the List MP and trade unionist.
“I do not consider Darien Fenton to be worthy of being an MP, and was stunned when I read she was a Labour list MP. I thought [her one] of the worst people I met. [Her] reputation amongst the other people on the programme was very bad - liars, thieves etc.”
I guess having pot heads in the Green Party were the least of our worries!
Hat tip: Whale Oil, TGIF

We are having an election, aren't we?

The Liarbour Party releases its party list tomorrow.
And with Winston Peters being stood down as Foreign Minister, there is renewed speculation the Election maybe sooner, rather than later.
But is that so?
Liarbour seems to be the most ill-prepared of all the parties, with it seemingly last to release its list.
And when National has been slammed by the media for not having policies, where are the Labour policies?
Who is being slippery for having no policies?
Who has the secret agenda for not releasing any?
Indeed, it makes you wonder if New Zealand is to have an election after all!
Couldn't Dear Leader cook up some excuse to call it off? Well, we cannot have a poll when the former foreign minister is under legal investigation, can we? Surely it is better to delay a poll until all the smears and lies and innuendo swirling around him have disappeared and the minister has been cleared by the legal process?
Well, New Zealand does have a short parliamentary term of only three years, so an extra year or two would only bring us into line with international practice, wouldn't it?
I'm sure this view is something of a fantasy, but in reality, what safeguards do we have stopping such a narcissistic prime minister from riding roughshod over our constitition and imposing her/his will in doing this?
Indeed, what constitution do we have?
In recent years, we have seen Dear Leader, without recourse to electoral mandate ending the knighthoods and ending our right of appeal to the Privy Council.
Such policies were pushed through without any mention in election manifestoes. There was no public warning, there was little debate. They arose through a secret agenda.
Other major freedom-threatening government policies like the Electoral Finance Act were also pushed through without such electoral mandate. Liarbour said nothing about the EFA in Election 2005 : and for 2008, other than odd calls for state funding of political parties from Liarbour, we see nothing in paper here. What is Liarbour hiding?
While the EFA brought thousands onto the streets, the privy council issue brought no response. Do Kiwis care so little about their rights and freedoms? Especially whan a strong government seeks to restrict them?
Indeed, with the Privy Council issue, the EFA, and how the agents of state, like the police, the judicary increasingly fall into line with Helengrad, we see our democracy being subverted and stretched little by little. At what point will it truly cease to function properly?
We have seen the police investigate Liarbour ministers, there has been a prima facie case against them, but it has not been in the public interest to prosecute. The Electoral Commission lets Liarbour get away with breaching the EFA, the EPMU can claim to be a third party, National appeals against this fail, and the Employers and Manufacturers Association faces legal troubles for its campaigns.
Under Helengrad, we seem to be heading towards a banana republic, with Liarbour clearly the most corrupt government in our history.
Of course, Dear Leader may well announce an election tomorrow.
I am sure Winston's office, which remains funded by the taxpayer, will step into overdrive on policy, which is why he still has it, despite being stood down.
Liarbour will use its state funded employers to get its message out there. The state media will fall into line. The rest will give Dear Leader the benefit of the doubt.
And thus the relentless march towards Helengrad will continue!

The secret scampi tapes

When Dear Leader made her surprise announcement about knowing of Owen Glenn's donations for six whole months, it highlighted how she just about knows everything.
Which brings me on to the scampi issue.
Much commentary in the blogosphere today is focussing on the issue of scampi with regards to Winston Peters.
We have seen this week how Speaker Margaret Wilson abuses her position to try and stop Rodney Hide making claims in parliament that New Zealand First was paid off by Sumonovich fisheries concerning inquiries into scampi quotas.
TVNZ apparantly has tapes of a Sumonovich staffer, Wayne Crapper, who may well verify such allegations. Here are some more claims here.
Rodney Hide accused TVNZ of destroying these tapes but current broadcasting minister Trevor Mallard says TVNZ has not destroyed the tapes and that their contents remain subjudice to legal proceedings.
But apparantly Rodney Hide has several copies, with TV3 said to be happy to broadcast them.
Now, with all the Owen Glenn donations business going on and the SFO inquiry, we might forget about the scampi. But it all looks fishy to me.
Liarbour and its allies like the supposedly impartial speaker seem to be doing their level best to shut down debate about the scampi inquiry.
What are they hiding? Who indeed, does not know what is aired on those secret tapes.
As an SOE, TVONE the state broadcaster will have a 'no surprises' policy on issues of major concern, so its operators, the government, know what it is doing.
Thus, it is likely at former broadcasting at the time, Steve Maharey, will know of the tapes and their allegations, as will current broadcasting minister Trevor Mallard. It is also likely that Michael Cullen and Dear Leader will know too. Hence their efforts to suppress such knowledge of the tapes and to undermine Rodney Hide.
With Winston Peters in enough crap over Glenngate, the government obviously cannot now have their poodle and former Foreign Minister slated for such severe allegations like corruption and pay offs over the scampi quotas.
There is only so much corruption Liarbour can wriggle out of. The evidence against it and the stench surrounding this government is becoming all too clear.
Indeed, what is on those secret scampi tapes? And what explosive repercussions might follow should they be publicly aired?
I bet it is more than Winston Peters that is sitting pretty nervous this weekend.

Helen Clark the narcissist

When the Australian government recently briefed Aussie journalists about the control freak nature of Dear Leader, at least we were spared the word narcissist.
However, Whale Oil today publishes a fine analysis of Uncle Helen's state of mind from a psychologist.
Indeed, I understand that unofficially, medical experts at a tertiary establishment in Auckland have made such studies of Dear Leader and come to some disturbing conclusions, with all it implies on government policy and the state of our democracy in New Zealand.
Indeed, is the Winston First business a convenient side show to the real business of Helen Clark's authoritarian legacy, the Emissions Trading Scheme and its major government controls over much of industry?

Game Changing Moments

There have been two this week.

First, John Key's rejection of any future dealings with NZ First and or Winston Peters.

Second, John McCain's choice of Governor Palin as his presidential running mate.

McCain is to be applauded. Less than 24 hours after Obama's schmaltzy showbiz acceptance of the Donks nomination, McCain stole the media limelight which his surprise announcement.

Let's compare the two teams.

The Donks

Obama whose ONLY executive experience was a few years chairing a terrorist's charity and supervising distribution of over $100m to dubious recipients is teamed with an aging and vain political hack whose only serious achievement has been to become known as a wind bag. Both of these men are effective spruikers but none have any principles on which to spruik and no record of performance. Two word summary: Shallow and risky


McCain whose record of experience and judgment is impeccable, along with Sarah Palin whose own record is equally impressive and who is unmistakably identified with the aspirations of blue collar America. Two word summary: Safe and exciting

I'd say that, failing an unforeseen disaster, the game is already over and Mr Obama can slink back to the back streets of Chicago where he belongs..

Fangs For The Memory

There are teeth:-

and there are these:-

Parties, Seats, Policies, Bought and Sold

I'm not quite sure yet.

The Winston Peters saga is what I'm on about. It all seems so Byzantine but when you stand off a little and look from a distance, then perhaps a few things come into focus.

As an aside, the first question in my mind this morning is 'Where is the money coming from for QC Peter Williams' fees?'

But back to the villain of the piece, the scampiwag, if you will.

It seems to Adolf that yesterday's events were a little like the opening five minutes of a rugby test match. The preceding questions and 'points of order' stonewalling in the house, clownish press conferences, accusations of who said what and where etc were the media lead up to the game.

The real play now is under way and, like QB at the Hive, I believe that the main play will be the battle of the scampi. The killer punch for Peters, and by association Helen Clark, will be the tapes and affidavits showing Peters corruptly soliciting $50k in return for closing down the scampi quota select committee enquiry.

I'd go further and suggest that yesterday, Peters was pulling the same trick with Helen Clark. It did not take a two hour meeting to resolve something as simple a a minister standing aside while being investigated for fraud.

No, yesterday the terms and conditions of NZ First support for Labour during and after the election campaign were negotiated. Ironically, John Key gave Winston the opportunity to go for Clark's jugular yesterday. Labour will pull their vote in Rimutaka to ensure NZ First wins a seat and gets back in with four or five members and Winston will keep his baubles of office. Winston will give Clark his vote on confidence, supply and pretty much anything else Clark wants. Oh, they might go through a public charade of disagreement but that's just for the chooks in the media.

Remember, Helen Clark will do 'whatever it takes' to hold onto power.

It seems to Adolf that as far as Peters' political future is concerned, all of the to do about Owen Glenn's donations and the privileges committee are small beer. To get rid of him one needs to have him convicted and sent to jail. That is why the scampi evidence is needed to bring down this vile, malevolent and evil little king maker.

Meanwhile, the privileges committee and Owen Glenn will do sufficient damage to finish off Helen Clark for she will be the real target now. The evidence will show she conspired to buy out the NZ First Party, tried to bribe the Maori Party (who also should be called to give evidence) and made out that Mr Glenn would receive his reward by way of consulship.

It might even set fire to her draft UN curriculum vitae.

My bet is that Owen Glenn will be quietly determined that Clark's face never gets anywhere near Turtle Bay.

Oh and by the way, best comment of the week goes to Ed Snack over at Farrar's place: 'Did owen Glenn give $100k to Howard Morrison too? To stop him singing?'

Well done Lemur.

Idle speculation

I've been wondreing why Winston Peters would be so belligerent with all the journos if they're hot on the trail of some serious fraud. Surely that approach would just be inviting disaster? Maybe he has something up his sleeve? How about this for a nightmare scenario:
  • Winnie does have a full set of paperwork for all those donations, which turn out to be all entirely legal. He's just been enjoying winding journos and political enemies up into a fury of condemnation.
  • He lays it out in front of the SFO investigators, who decide there's no fraud for them to investigate.
  • Winnie gets his job back, and gets to spend the election campaign fired up like a flamethrower against the wicked perfidy of The Media and John Key.
  • NZF romps back into Parliament with essential support nicked from National, and Key's deep in the shit.
Admittedly, that's a plan not only so cunning you could pin a tail on it and call it a weasel, you can't picture anyone being insane enough to actually try and put it into practice. So, on the whole I don't think it's very likely. Still, sitting watching the news last night, it's a thought that did occur.

Friday, August 29, 2008

While you were looking the other way............

The VRWC celebration this evening was indeed a pleasant affair. Champagne was quaffed, and scampi was consumed, though sadly I arrived too late for the latter and the atmosphere was most convivial.

However, while we all basked in the warmth generated by the fallout from the week's political fission, I couldnt escape the feeling that we were missing something. The nation's attention has been firmly fixed on Winston, and while most of the populace are aware that clark needs him and his party in order to ramrod the ETS through the house, I wonder how many have any inkling of the details of that legislation? Do they know what it means for the future of our country, and what are the implications for our standard of living? I can't say I do right now but I will shortly. Would they give a rats arse about winston's legal bills and his donations if they realised that our economic base is about to be reorganised at the whim of the most corrupt administration we've known in this country?
Hopefully winnie tosses his toys out now he's stood down and the ETS doesn't get passed before dear leader has to go to the country, but even so, I'd encourage everyone with the ability to do so to study this scheme, and the one that National have said they'll come up with, and do their best to get it's ramifications out into the public arena in detail.

What does She know?

What with Dear Leader dropping the bombshell yesterday of knowing for six months about the Owen Glenn donations, we really need to focus on the role of Dear Leader in this whole sordid affair!
The NZ Herald notes her evolving language over the matter over the past six months, culiminating in her confession before the 'confused' Owen Glenn, as Michael Cullen calls him, was likely to spill the beans on what she knew next week.
So as Winston Peters castigated Audrey Young at the Herald, plus the 'wankers' at the Dominion-Post like Phil Kitchen, Dear Leader sat by and did nothing.
Colin Espiner blogs she did not have to drop Winston in it, but he admits to the media having failings in not quizzing Dear Leader as well as it should.
But with Dear Leader knowing for six months about the donations and keeping mum, what else does she know? What about other NZ First funding arrangements and secret trusts? And if she can be silent on Winston's dishonesty what about the lies and dishonesty of her own tenure of office, her own government, her own party.
This is a Prime Minister whose first act in office was to lie to the Sunday Star-Times to help get rid off former Police Commissioner Peter Doone, which under Howard Broad saw the police become much more amenable to the Liarbour Party, never prosecuting it, depite Liarbour's many breaches of the law.
Indeed, as we note a week is a long time in politics, what about nine years.
Here's what Dear Leader said on the campaign trail in 1999.
"Our mission is to clean up Government and to clean up Parliament, too."

They're coming to take me away, ha ha!, they're coming to take me away

Winston Peters is apparantly refusing to stand down.
There is now much talk the PM will seek a confidence vote on Tuesday.
We have a government in crisis and there maybe an early election.
Today, looks set to be as dramatic as yesterday.
It already got off to a gret stat with Phil Kitchen of the Dominion Post revealing Winnie received taxpayer support for his Winebox legal bills, contrary to what Winnie has said.
This come on top of yet another Winston Fund, Kitchen also discovered, adding to the infamous Spencer Trust.
What, with Winston's verson of events contradicting significantly with that of everyone else, not to mention reality, amid talk of the Dominion Post conspiring against him, it makes you wonder that if the Prime Minister does see to him, the men in white coats might be after him too!

Censorship: Alive and well and living in New Zealand

Dr Paul moon recounts his experiences to the New Zealand Herald about the problems he has faced from his new book on Maori cannabalism.
The physical destruction of books now seems to belong to another, much less enlightened age, but not so the censorial urges that led to the practice. I have experienced this first-hand in the past few weeks since the release of my book This Horrid Practice, which explores traditional Maori cannibalism.
I recall a fellow academic approaching me when I started writing the book and warning me that I was putting my career in jeopardy by tackling this subject. At first, I dismissed the caution, but when others began making similar comments, I came around to the view that I would be risking my integrity as a historian by being bullied into silence.
It all echoes the erosion of academic freedom and the rampnt 'political correctness' in Helengrad today which is as much an assault on free speech as Dear Leader's beloved Electoral Finance Act.

Wrong And Wrong Again

It is not often Adolf disagrees with the political commentary of John Armstrong who he regards as one of the most astute and genuinely neutral professional commentators.

But today he is wrong and doubly wrong.

"There will be relief in Labour ranks. Given the increasing political stench coming from the direction of NZ First, Labour could only hold its nose for so long. Thanks to the SFO, it has been given a breather."

No, it's too late for a breather. To suggest that the SFO investigation of the slippery Winston Peters' dodgy dealings lets Labour off the hook is to ignore the vast damage which already has been done to Labour and in particular to it's scrawny scheming leader.

"Being able to resolve things now means Clark no longer has to worry about the upcoming privileges committee report on the contempt charge against Peters."

Wrong again. John Armstrong doesn't seem to be able to see the wood for the trees in the forest. The unavoidable danger to Clark from the Privileges Committee is testimony which links her directly to the Glenn donations and attempts to purchase political favours for the Labour Party.

The minute the ETS bill is passed, an election date will be announced and parliament will rise, in order to shut down the PC and protect Helen Clark.

Champi And Scampi - VRWC

Don't be late for the wake.

The Auckland chapter of the Vast right Wing Conspiracy invites all enemies of the Corrupt Little Pin Striped Prick to a celebratory evening of champagne and scampi this evening at the Cavalier in Ponsonby. (the usual place)

5.30 for 6.00.

I will pre-arrange for scampi and champagne to be supplied and I expect the cost of same will likely run to around $15 per head, depending on how many enemies turn up. We'll divy up the tab at around 7.00.

All are welcome, even Labour Party members. The only qualification for entry is a profound dislike and disdain for The Honorable Winston Peters.

One of a number of Vela donations to NZ First, whose leader Winston Peters remains defiant. Photos / Greg Bowker, Supplied

Don't forget, this might be your last chance to say what you really think about him before his political corpse ceases to breathe, for one cannot speak ill of the dead.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Knives are out

Not just for Winston
But Barack Obama

First the Republicans

And now this one

And here's another anti-Obama message John McCain probably approves of, but it's not from the Republicans.

It's not looking good for the Leftist lightweight, despite support from Bill and Hill yesterday.

Helping ACT and saving Winston First

Last night I sparked off a debate on political correctness by noting the comments by fomer All Black coach Brian Lochore.
Were his comments that outrageous? No!
Were his comments particularly well argued? No!
So why did Granny Herald put them on the front page?
It's because of the All Black connection.
Whether or not they succeed on the playing field , the All Blacks are our Gods, our deities.
If, after destroying Winston Peter's, Rodney Hide wants to make it double figures for ACT in the polls, then why not have an All Black filling that vacant number 5 spot?
Dan Carter would be the man, but I haven't heard him utter anything political; the only All Black I know who has, Anton Oliver, has tended to be Green, but there again, Act has lured ex-Greenie Shawn Tan into the fold. Former All Black, Fairfax boss David Kirk, despite some of his papers, is said to be a National man.
So Rodders, go for an All Black, you know they have pulling power.
Who knows, perhaps it is so strong, they could even save Winson First and Uncle Helen, but would that be healthy for our democracy?

RIP Winston Peters & NZ First

I know what it's like to be a supporter/member of a political party that is being written off and facing oblivion. Indeed, in 1996 North & South magazine absurdly published an article headed "Is this the final ACT?". We got 7.2%. In 2005 Tracey Watkins (I think) wrote the ACT obituary in the Herald. In that year not only were we fighting Labour but National and Greens too. Of course we won Epsom and survived, and will retain it in 2008 with a larger majority and increased MP's I am sure. In between 1996 and now there have been other times where people thought ACT was finished. But we survived.

The main reasons for our continued participation in the parliamentary process are threefold I believe. We have excellent longstanding philosophies and principles. We have excellent, loyal, dedicated people (mostly volunteers). And we have, and have had, excellent politicians. ACT is a party based on a belief that governments are inherently destructive and not constructive: they should be out of our lives as much as possible. We believe people make better choices than politicians. We believe regulation might be a requirement, but is certainly not a necessity. Sure, we have some rogues and we have had to swallow some dead rats in the past but ACT people are bloodyminded and determined. ACT's beliefs and policies are the best for New Zealand, there is no doubt in my mind. And all ACT loyalists believe that and will work for that, even in the bad times.

Here's the dichotomy. New Zealand First and Winston Peters couldn't be more diametrically opposed to how ACT is. It has no principles, or at least Winston has just flushed them down the toilet. It's people use zimmerframes. And its politicians, even according to its ex MP's (Laws & Widerstrom) are useless.

ACT has survived because it has foundations. By comparison New Zealand First is a leaky home. It cannot survive what is happening I believe. The end is nigh.


Virgin Queen loses potency

Apparantly, Dear Leader is not as powerful as she was.
In the Forbes list of the world's 100 most powerful women, Uncle Helen has dropped to 56, her lowest in 4 years.
Well, she is not as powerful as she was, for regardless of all the allegations swirling around him, she is unable to get rid of Captain Baubles.
But I bet there is another chart she is rising up. That of most corrupt woman!

If only she could have axed it sooner!

Then maybe the SFO would not be investigation Winston Raymond Peters.
The Police are that much more amenable.
And as for that pesky Priviledges Committee, yes, let's get rid of all the National MPs on it like Dear Leader suggested.
Stacked with Liarbour lickspittles, it truly would get to the bottom of the matter wouldn't it?
She certainly shows her promised higher standards of government here!

Prawns And Beer

In a repeat of the gloriously successful demolition of Australia's most brilliant prime minister by Australia's dumbest premier, Adolf looks forward to the peeling away from fraudulent Peters of his NZ First members.

What will they use to lure away Ron Mark?

What will they do to inveigle the fool Woolerton who can't quite get his questions right?

What will be the incentive for the pommy gibberer Peter Brown, whose hair is thinner than his intellect?

What of the dimwitted imbecile Dale Jones? A year's supply of North Sea cod and chips?

Now The Dirty Game Becomes Clear...

Update 1430: So far, so good. Cullen announced today the house will go into urgency. That's the first prediction on the mark

The Bitch knew all along about the $100 grand. That will turn out to be only one tenth of the sordid truth as it becomes more obvious each day that Clark's in this up to her ears.

Funny thing is, I haven't heard a raucus fat female TVNZ reporter screeching 'When are you going to resign, Prime minister. When are you going to resign?"

Why suddenly does Clark reveal her duplicity? Because she is desperate to close the whole story down and it is about to get ten times worse.

She knows Qwen Glenn is going to testify to and be cross examined by the Privileges Committee next Thursday and she can't allow this to happen because he will reveal her complicity in all the dirty dealing. It is my guess it will turn out to be Helen Clark who put him up to donating to NZ First, who put him up to an attempted bribe of the Maori Party

You see, she will have regarded Mr Glenn as being one 'of her class and stature' and you couldn't possibly have yokels like Mike Willians dealing with really important people like us. So, she would have fronted the whole deal herself.

She has brought her ETS bill up to No 1 on the order paper so that she can get it passed, if necessary under urgency, in time to prorogue parliament and call an election on Wednesday next week, thereby closing off the incriminating privileges committee.

Bloody hell, I'm glad she was never a currency trader. What a sorry loser!

The Parable of the Trader

Jesus was was speaking in the synagogue when one of the pharisees tried on a trick question.

jesus christ

"Teacher, how is it you, with no years of experience and wisdom, are standing before your elders and betters, purporting to tell us about God?"

Jesus said to them

'The Kingdom of God is like a land of milk and honey, in which all is not as it seems. There was such a land of milk and honey in which there were two opposing political parties, one led by a middle aged woman who had forsaken motherhood in favour of devoting her whole being to the study of political theory and internecine party dealings, assisted by an academic teacher of high intellect and wit, well versed in history; the other led by a young man of humble beginnings and great wealth gained from a life of commercial trading in far off lands.

The politician and the teacher were feted by the people and were lauded for their perceived wisdom and experience while the trader was looked down upon and scorned for his lack of political experience.

When the time came for a reckoning, the trader used his hard won instincts for risk taking and timing, honed in the cauldron of international trading, to outwit and defeat the politician and the academic whose apparent experience and judgement proved to be shallow and worthless.

Such is the Kingdom of God"

Adolf has been mightily impressed by John Key's quiet, careful, unflustered, hard headed and no nonsense approach to politics.

Clark and Cullen really don't know what is hitting them. They haven't got a clue.

Public finding Winston Guilty as Rodney gets his reward

I guess a 'correction' was inevitable in the political market.

After a few months with leads of over 20% , the Herald Digi-Poll shows the lead down to just 13.7%, well down on the 24% or so of last month.

Liarbour can take heart its support is heading up, at 36.3%.

BUT: National is at 50% and can govern alone and ACT is up 2 to 2.3% showing Rodney's efforts over Winniegate is paying off. Liarbour seems to be eating its coalition partners, as Adolf noted in other recent polls.

Of course as Winnie suffers from the allegations, which have grown far worse in recent days, since after the poll was taken, his support can only drop further.

Indeed Dear Leader and Liarbore can only suffer an inevitable drop too from her steadfast support: Guilt by association in the court of public opinion.

Krauthammer on Obama

A glorious put down of the super pretentious skinny little black prick from Chicago.

"Or maybe he'll just do a Napoleon and coronate himself. By the time Napoleon made himself emperor, he had won the Battles of Lodi, of Arcole, of Rivoli, of the Pyramids and of Marengo. And had promugulated the Napoleonic Code. He had yet to write a single autobiography."

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

well fancy that!

Winston Peters is in deep trouble.
Dear Leader needs his support to pass the Emmissions Trading Scheme.
Dear Leader backs Winston as the allegations swirling round him get more serious.
What a set of intersting concidences!
And look how wonderful it is to see a flagship Liarbour policy, with so many profound consequences lasting for decades, being pushed though with what little integity Liarbour has left?
How can the Greens feel that the planet is been 'saved' in this way?
Obviously their ethics are for sale too!

Political correctness destroying New Zealand

First, Psycho Milt noted the hounding of the Massey University professor which questioned the value of Pasifika immigration to New Zealand.
The New Zealand Herald noted a report on the culinary habits of our indigenous peoples in olden times, which saw its author receive much criticism from the PC bigade, reflecting how academic freedom is under threat in PC New Zealand.
But it took the Herald to highlight the damage of political correctness on the country, with a speech from former All Black legend sir Brian Lochore.
Sir Brian said society was turning men into 'male mothers,' and that kids aren't as free to do things as they did due to a failure on crime. He also supported smacking and gave this telling comment:
"People have to make decisions, and people do make mistakes. But make sure that you take action - that there are consequences, and that you actually follow them through."
And as someone noted on one of the other blogs, I guess that does include how you vote!


Quite often in the courts, Judges are left to determine who is telling the truth when the evidence of the parties clashes. To so determine they weigh up the credibility of the witness and the way the evidence was presented. A few half-truths or far-fetched stories and the gong goes against you.

That is why this photo is so important.

If Winston lied about this then he can't be believed on other things. Glenn can.

Judgment for the plaintiff, Mr Hide for the sum of $158,000.00

Joke: What's the difference between
New Zealand First and a spermbank?

With a spermbank you can't lie about your donations.

Hillary Screws The Dopey Donks

Watching the Democratic Party convention is like watching the Dings over the back yard fence in Bunbury on a 1970 Sunday afternoon. (Dings are Italian migrants.)

No-one puts it better than the excellent and astute Victor Davis Hanson

"Bottom line: she remains loyal Democrat, dissed victim, the should-have-been nominated candidate, senior healer ready to clean up the mess of 2008, and savior in 2012. Note well Chelsea's ubiquity, the slick Hillary infomercial, Bill's wide grin, and the Clinton triad everywhere.

And the reaction of the Obamanics? They will belatedly seem like the baffled victims who discover their picked pockets, know full well who did it, but can't quite tell the police when, how, or by whom it happened."

Another 1970s Ocker had a cruder phrase for it:

'Fucking them with kindness.'

Key Boots Peters Out

Congratulations John Key on putting Peters where he belongs.

No coalition with a Peters led NZ First is what this means.

Look for the NZ First party to ditch Peters before the week-end is over.

Biden Proves To Be A Winner

For John McCain.

Since Biden's selection as VP, McCain has 'surged' ahead of Obama.

Winston Lied

Owen Glenn just torpedoed the little prick in the pin striped suit.

It is difficult to see how Clark cannot fire him. She must be desperately trying to find a way to sack him and still secure his vote.

Wish List

This will be my last post for a few weeks as I head off for a break.
Here's my wish list for while I'm away

1. Winston Peters is finished off , but as HC is unlikely to do that, then National come out and say that they will have nothing to do with him, ever. Assuming the SFO don't get him.

Update Looks like OG has done the business and I aren't even out of the country yet. Is this the end of Labours ETS or will HC follow her long history of breaking every rule of decency and use him one final time.

2. The Greens disappear under 5% as the young people who think its cool to support them , discover that their freedoms are seriously at risk and rush to ACT.

3. The 35% of people who still support Labour wake up and realise that their free lunch is over.

4. That the All Blacks tackle Sterling first time.

there's more but I don't want to be greedy.
Best wishes to all our readers and keep up the good work.

Final Update

Thought I would post this picture again so people don't forget that Peters has got in the position where he is today because of Clark being on heat

Of weasels and evil HR directors

For various reasons I actually care about Massey University, so I was furious to see its shameful behaviour over Greg Clydesdale's immigration discussion paper. And my mood wasn't improved any by the release of the HRC's report into the episode.

Clydesdale's discussion paper is here. Worth a read if you plan to wade through the HRCs parade of euphemisms and finger-wagging.

The most pointless bureaucrat in New Zealand, Joris De Bres, has spent a shitload of our cash getting into an argument with Dr Clydesdale over this paper - an argument De Bres is ill-equipped for, given that his opponent studies this subject for a living. De Bres' report on Clydesdale's paper has just been released and is available here.

De Bres' arguments:
1. A newspaper report on the discussion paper..."prompted a considerable amount of misinformed and racially prejudiced comment." p5
OK, I'm sorry but that just isn't worthy of a response...

2. "Peer reviewers of his paper were critical of its academic standard." p5.
One might get the impression here that Clydesdale had submitted the paper to an academic journal that subjected it to peer review. That would of course be wrong - the "peer review" referred to here is by hatchetmen assigned to the task by the Ministry of Pacific Affairs, and someone assigned by Massey University to further its "review" of Dr Clydesdale's employment. This is not the stuff of which reliable peer review is made. I'm not sure on what basis you would carry out a "peer review" of the draft of a discussion paper in any case.

3. "Dr Clydesdale is selective in his quote from the Statistics New Zealand and Ministry of Pacific Island Affairs Pacific Progress report." p28
The implication being that he's cut out information that undermines his case, as demonstrated by this paragraph from the report he didn't quote:

These difficulties were accentuated by the restructuring of the late 1980’s and 1990’s, which had a disproportionate effect on Pacific people, many of whom worked in industries and occupations that bore the brunt of job losses.

Since that time there have been considerable improvements in the economic position of Pacific peoples, particularly for some of the younger, New Zealand-born people. Overall, levels of education have improved, unemployment has fallen and there has been a move away from traditional areas of blue-collar employment into more skilled white-collar jobs. However, these trends have been occurring not just for Pacific peoples but also among the wider New Zealand population, and consequently there are still economic disparities between Pacific people and others. There are also some groups of Pacific people who may not have experienced improvements in their economic situation, such as the older, Pacific-born and lower skilled sections of the population. p28-29

Given that the restructuring of the 80s and 90s affected the PI population disproportionately for exactly the reasons Clydesdale outlines in his paper, it's hard to see how his position is undermined by leaving out this quote. I can't decide whether De Bres is claiming this point out of ignorance or malice.

4. Clydesdale based his paper on info from the 2002 Pacific Progress Report and didn't update it using info from the 2006 census before it was released - ie, his paper was based on "outdated" information:

The 2002 Pacific Progress Report provided a comprehensive picture of Pacific peoples in New Zealand at the time but is now out of date. Results from the 2006 Census have been summarised in Statistics New Zealand’s Quickstats About Pacific Peoples. p6

But for De Bres to score any actual point here, there'd have to be something in the 2006 census info to suggest Clydesdale was wrong. So was there? According to De Bres,

The available data generally indicate a trend of improvement rather than deterioration in Pacific peoples’ economic and social situation. p6

OK, how much of an improvement, and is that improvement more rapid than the increase in numbers of the Pasifika population population due to the birth rate and immigration? I'm picking the answer to that last one is "No," because De Bres is forced to fall back on

Pacific peoples suffered more than any other group from the economic and social policies of the eighties and nineties and their recovery from this major setback has taken time. Pacific peoples do continue to experience significant inequalities and addressing this situation must remain a priority. p6

I would have thought the first step in "addressing this situation" would be confronting the facts about it without running them through a euphemism filter and an ethnic Auto Da Fe. We should be thanking Clydesdale, not martyring him.

This issue of the "outdated data" is actually very significant. The accusation of using "outdated data" is in academic terms the only serious one levelled at Clydesdale. The report does give us Clydesdale's response to the accusation:

- Although he based his findings on the 2002 Pacific Progress report other more recent research and reports confirmed his analysis.

- The 2006 Census data only became available as he was finishing off his paper last year so he did not have time to include it. The Census did not reveal any radical improvement in the position of Pacific peoples in New Zealand. p36

In other words, the accusation is spin, nothing more. They've caught Clydesdale out for failing to meet best practice, and pretended it somehow refutes his findings. It doesn't.

The essence of De Bres' problem with Clydesdale is in the executive summary:

It is not a new truth that there are continuing disparities between Pacific peoples and some other groups in our society. No-one is denying that this is the case, and attending to these disparities must remain a priority. But it is also evident that Pacific peoples’ contribution to our economy, our culture and our society is highly significant and will become more so. This contribution should be acknowledged and celebrated, not demeaned or denied. p4

In other words, it may be true but he shouldn't have said it, because we should be kind to Pacific Islanders. To which Massey University's response ought to have been "Tough shit pal. An academic's job is to research the facts and present what he thinks they mean, not run a diversity propaganda show." Ought to have been, yes. So, what did the institution actually come up with?

First of all, that familiar, chilling bureaucratic pronouncement:

The university says Mr Clydesdale's employment has been under review since the complaints.

You see, Clydesdale may have academic freedom, but the modern university in no sense extends that freedom to giving the institution a bad name with potential fee-paying punters. The first rule of modern university administration is that academic freedom must under no circumstances put cash flow at risk. Thus we witnessed Acting VC Ian Warrington apologising for his colleague on 3 News, an unedifying spectacle that must have done more than anything in a long time to put academics off aspiring to administrative roles.

Massey's shame doesn't end there, though. Its publication Massey News featured a further back-stabbing for Dr Clydesdale:

Concern at the negative impact on the Pacific Island community following publication of a Massey research paper on immigration has prompted Massey’s Acting Director Pasifika Sione Tu’itahi to highlight the University’s efforts to advance Pasifika education.

I'm chuffed at the good work Tu'itahi's doing in promoting education to Pasifika students. However, the article goes on:

He says Pasifika people have contributed hugely to New Zealand’s sporting and arts successes both regionally and internationally.

By measuring people as economic units, Dr Clydesdale has presented a limited view of the positive role and contribution of Pacific Islanders to New Zealand society.

I'd love to know why Mr Tu'itahi imagines that a report looking at economic aspects of immigration should include blather about Pasifika types being jolly good at sports, but he doesn't enlighten us. I'm sorry, but this is academia - in an argument over economic issues, claiming that looking at economic issues is a limited view may be completely accurate, but it's also completely irrelevant. One imagines trying to claim that Dawkins' The Blind Watchmaker was "limited" because it discussed the role of genes in evolution without discussing the glories of music and literature. There's simply no merit in that argument.

No doubt Clydesdale will be hounded from his post by the cold, calculating bean-counters of Massey University, in a repeat of University of Auckland's shabby treatment of Paul Buchanan. Oh, would that Mr De Bres were in a similar position...

Prepare To Meet Thy Doom

The journalistic class has reacted very strangely to the new allegations of corruption leveled against Winston Peters in parliament yesterday. Most have ignored them. The Herald burbled on about Owen Glenn's letter to the privileges committee and Radio NZ managed to studiously ignore them until 0600 this morning.

In fact, these are the first real allegations of genuine corruption.

Everything which has gone before has had links to corruption, a hint of corruption, the suggestion of corruption but this lot is the real deal, no holds barred 'gimme the money and I'll look after you' raw blatant corruption of the worst possible kind.

Let's look carefully at what has been said:-

The allegations are 'on the record,' so they are not just hearsay or idle gossip.

They are in the hands of the Serious Fraud Office, so it is difficult to imagine they will not be investigated.

They allege a meeting between Peters and Suminovich at which the alligator was present, so there's no wriggle room for the usual go betweens to provide protection.

They contain an incriminating statement 'I'll make them go away,' so there can be no doubt as to the meaning and or intent.

Rodney Hide has backed our slippery PM into a corner by making her tell parliament that she will not impede any SFO investigation. That is not to say she won't try and she has form but now, if there is a hint of interference from any quarter it will be sheeted home directly to her.

 Rodney Hide telling Parliament of hush money allegations against Winston Peters, and inset, leaving the House after being expelled by Speaker Margaret Wilson after a stand up row. pic stolen from stuff

Getting himself thrown out of parliament after a stand up slugging match with peg leg Speaker was fine theatre and superb tactics. It made sure the accusations are indelibly recorded in Hansard.

When Wilson is presented with incontrovertible evidence that the issues raised are not in fact sub judice then she will have no option but to deal publicly to Winston who has been relying on keeping a small number of long ago hopelessly lost defamation cases 'open' for just the purpose we saw yesterday. He just lost the game because yesterday, for the first time, his subterfuge has been revealed to the wider public for what it is. A sham, designed to hide the truth of his crooked dealings.

Peters is facing potentially substantial jail time. The sentence handed down to a cabinet minister for soliciting bribes is unlikely to be lenient.

I call on the National Party Leader to announce in the house this week that upon election his government will

(a) reinstate an independent and effective serious Fraud Office and

(b) refuse to deal with NZ First in any way while Winston Peters remains a member or maintains any connection with NZ First.

The World's Richest Coward

I posted recently on an Adolfian one liner:-

'One must nor speak ill of the dead but I managed to get everything off my chest before she died.'

Such is the case of terminally ill US senator Edward Kennedy, unarguably the United States' most pathetically abject public face of gross cowardice. Claudia Rossett puts it well:-

In the moment, there is an etiquette we accord to those engaged in mortal struggles, and a respect we render to those who do not go gentle into that good night. It would be wild folly, however, and a betrayal of future generations, to translate that wholesale into an embrace of all they have stood for. Watching the Kennedy tribute last night, in which the sea was invoked as the element of renewal, I wondered how many others in the audience thought of Chappaquiddick and Mary Jo Kopechne — left to die in the submerged car while Ted Kennedy meandered off to salvage his political career , a career symbolized in last night’s film tribute by that expensive sailboat with Kennedy at the wheel and family aboard.

The year of Chappaquiddick was 1969. John McCain was then two years into his more than five years as a prisoner of war in Hanoi.

Perhaps that's why the polls ain't bumpin for the Donks.

The Muesli Party

The US Democratic Party has pulled off the unbelievable. With the eyes of the world and fifteen thousand journalists (pissing and pooing in portaloos!) focused on its convention at Denver, the Muesli Party has managed to give the Republicans a serious boost in the polls.

General Election Match-Up
John McCain vs. Barack Obama
Match-up without Leaners
Match-up with Leaners

















Obama +4



Obama +3




Obama +3



Obama +3




Obama +3



Obama +2




Obama +2



Obama +1




Obama +3



Obama +2

Yes siree, it's the Muesli Party. Flakes and nut jobs.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So now we all want the answer

Having watched Margaret Wilson on 3 News reaching new depths in attempting to keep Labour in power by protecting the unspeakable Winston Peters from perfectly legitimate questioning, I believe the most significant question remains unanswered: who in their right minds, having seen this, could even contemplate voting to retain this govt in power?

No, seriously; I know this blog's readership includes a parade of right-wing nutjobs and mouth-frothers who wouldn't have voted Labour under any circumstances anyway, and their opinions are neither sought here nor of interest. But what about those out there who might conceivably have voted Labour in this election - any chance of that now? If so - for your deity of choice's sake, why?


Firstly, my apologies to the families of those who have held their breath since my last post...... it wasn't intentional.

This post is in the form of an omnibus of questions , or should that be a blunderbus of questions, and a few statements on topics that have exercised me mightily over the last few weeks. I,m not expecting serious answers to them all but I feel they should be out there being discussed in the blogosphere.

Have just witnessed margaret wilson's inept performance in the House this afternoon as she ejected Rodney Hide. Short of producing a revolver and actually shooting Rodders dead, was there anything more effective she could have done to silence him from expanding on his allegations regarding labour's lapdog, the lesser striped baublehound?
I think that peters now owes clark for that little favour and will vote for the ETS with only the bare minimum of traditional grandstanding.

Speaking of the ETS, can any passing labour apparatchik confirm that the bill will be any more, or less, haphazardly and appallingly badly drafted as, say, the EFA?
Also why the big hurry??? To whom the good if the ETS is passed into law before the election?

Here's a good drinking game we invented a few weekends ago at a neighbourhood get together. It's called "guess what Clark will do if she wins the next election". It's simple to play, each person simply states the three things they feel that dear leader will do that she wont mention in the run up to the election. Slow learners are provided with examples such "anti smacking bill, and the EFA". On the occasion of the game's launch the group of players were a mixed bunch, a naval dockyard mechanic, a clerk, a housewife, a storeman, and this self employed person, to name a few of the occupations present and one would be forgiven for thinking there were some lefties around. Not so, if the most popular predictions are any indicator. The top three were:
1/ Finding a way to stop people leaving for Australia
2/ Extension of the parliamentary term to 5 or 6 years.
3/ Winston Peters will still be Foreign Minister

In my opinion, only one of the three above is just plain silly.
What was also noticeable was the total absence of such things as:

1/ Leading us into broad sunlit uplands.
2/ Ensuring economic prosperity for all New Zealand citizens
3/ Reducing the politicisation of the public service

Try it at your next soiree.

Last question cluster: How old is Steve Pierson from the standard, has he ever voted before, has he ever had a full time job, and how does he support himself while he's busy writing those endless screeds of trite crap he's famous for?