Monday, July 28, 2008

Working for Families under a National led Government

No change.

That's a bloody shame. WFF will destroy enterprise and hard work ethics in this country.

GUYON They're big gains. At that upper end of the income level you’ve been talking about something of a trade off between Working for Families perhaps and tax cuts, are you going to make any changes to the Working for Families scheme.

JOHN Well National's considered Working for Families very carefully and the conclusion that we've reached is that there will be no changes at all to Working for Families under an incoming National government and the reason for that is we want to ensure that there is certainty and there's not greater complexity in the system.

GUYON That’s a big change for the party though because you’ve previously described it as middle class welfare, what's changed your mind on that?

JOHN A couple of things, you see we went away and had a look at the system in great detail. Now we could make changes to it at the upper end if we wanted to, it reaches right up to you know north of $150,000 a year people can still get Working for Families, but there's a lot of complexity in the system. Firstly Working for Families is based on the family income and you know personal taxes are based on individual income, secondly the numbers of people receiving Working for Families above $100,000 are very small.


Anonymous said...

Fark me!!!!

I'm working for other families that are earning $150K a year!!!

Rodney you are about to get my vote.

Anonymous said...

National supporters are simply stupid to see that they're voting National in order to carry on with Labour's policies. Rodney is right, there is not much difference between the 2 main parties. If National supporters are not stupid, then they would concentrate on voting for ACT comes the election time. Only ACT that can move the country away from socialism.

Clunking Fist said...

I still hope that these policies have a "subject to inspection of HMNZG finances upon installation as government" written in the fine print, and that National (aided and abetted by Act) will have an excuse to abandon the policies.