Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wishart vindicated on lightbulbs issue

Investigate magazine this month has run a major spread on those environmentally-friendly lightbulbs that contain deadly mercury.
Ian Wishart has been lamenting the lack of media follow-up but I think he can be heartened by some of what I heard in parliament this afternoon.
Gerry Brownlee was quizzing energy minister David Parker.
Slimy toad that he is, I am sure Parker said the Health Ministry is investigating safety concerns about these mercury-filled bulbs.
While I would not trust Parker any further than I can throw him, it does seem heartening that the Ministry of Health is investigating such concerns, and Ian Wishart has managed to get a change of heart from Greens co-leader Jeanette Fitsimonds.
Good Luck Ian with the bulb campaign.
It seems you have John Key's ear as well so maybe the MSM might wake up to updating their coverage as well.


Anonymous said...

I got the impression during question time that things are not too amiable between Parker and Jeanette due to this investigation. He did indicate they are still talking but where there is smoke there is fire.


What also truck me was Parker and how he treated Heather Roy as well.
Parker sounds a nasty piece of work.
I think he will need looking at.

Anonymous said...

Have we a split between The Greens and Nosey Parker.
Nosey Parker is such an arse.
And as Wishart notes in Absolute Power, Liarbore may have falsified documents to get him his job back.