Friday, July 25, 2008

Who is really hollow?

A fine case of compare and contrast here from Bomber at Tumeke! who went to see a presentation of the documentary 'Hollow Men'.
Bomber says it reminds you "what a pack of racist pricks National can be."
The doco also showed how Don Brash was repackaged as a moderate, he says.
In contrast, David Farrar analyses at great length the practices of Nicky Hagar, which shows Hagar using the same tactics he accuses National of employing.
Now, I remember the Brash Orewa speech, which was more in tune with mainstream New Zealand opinion than anything we have seen since, and how racist can it be to talk of one-law for all and one people. That we are all New Zealanders. That was the message I got from it.
And as for the Hollow Men being "a study about the politics of deception," I would say Winston Peters is currently offering some fine lessons in it. And his arguments are souning quite hollow at the moment.
Hat tip: Kiwiblog & Tumeke!


Anonymous said...

Fairfacts said...
Brash Orewa speech

I think that Mr. Brash was right in his speech, that the country should abolish race-based policies ; one law for all. This is not racist, those who are against one law for all are the ones who are racist.

dad4justice said...

One LAW for all and Hollow Hagar should be publically flogged everyday for the next year. How can a pathetic wee wimp be taken so seriously? Where have all the real men gone? What a cess pit of lies.

Blair said...

It wasn't Tim, it was Bomber. Tim is the intelligent one who knows how to write and understands paragraph and sentence structure. Bomber is the hysterical one.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Blair.
I have just made the correction.
Tim is the sensible one too.


That was me that made the change

homepaddock said...

"which shows Hagar using the same tactics he accuses National of employing"

But these tactics are only wrong when used by those on the right, if they're used by those on the left that's alright even when they're in the wrong :)