Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's In A Name?

Remember the hullabaloo about the Department For Social Welfare (terribly sorry, I should have said MSD) and its use of outside consultants for policy advice?

Adolf launched an OIA request amid general derision from the commentariat, most of whom declared the request would be ignored..

The answer came in last night and it includes one interesting name.

Back in the days of Sir Humphries, Adolf became an interested by-stander and mediator in a bun fight between then TVNZ journo Chris Harrington and blogger Jason Watson of Keablog. (Mr Harrington said some unkind things on a Radio Left Wing programme about bloggers in general and about Keablog in particular prompting Watson to threaten legal action.)

Adolf is interested to see one Chris Harrington appears three times in the list of consultants to the Ministry, scoring a total of just over $77,000 from three separate contracts in nine months. I wonder if these went to tender?

Could it be the same bloke?

Possibly not, as I wouldn't have thought an ex TVNZ journo would have particular expertise in the field of enduring powers of attorney.

The total spend on consultants over nine months was said to be in the order of $762k.



As an expert in these matters Adolf, maybe you could make a similar OIA request into the funding of Rod Oram by Dear Leader and her mates.

Anonymous said...

I should have just called a wanker "a wanker" and left it at that, but you live and learn...

Jason Watson (RIP Keablog)