Tuesday, July 1, 2008

What, was "GoodOnYaMateRail" already taken?

The expected name - KiwiRail - continues the Government's branding theme that includes Kiwibank and KiwiSaver.

I suppose that was inevitable. What next? Renaming Air New Zealand to Air Kiwi? It's not so much the depressing lack of imagination that bothers me - I'm a prosaic type and have no problem with names that just say what the damn thing does. No, it's more the faux-ordinary bloke-ness of sticking "Kiwi" on the front of everything that sticks in my throat. You're not ordinary blokes, you pretentious twats, you're the leaders of your country. Show a little leadership. If you can't think of a good name, just call the damn thing New Zealand Railways - which is at least an honest statement of what it is. But spare us your pretence of man-on-the-street, good-cunt, ordinaryness. We all know it's a pretence.

NB: should the readers gain the misimpression that I'm writing solely about Labour's leadership here, it applies double to independently wealthy Mr Key's trademarked "Hard-working Kiwis" - for fuck's sake, fetch me a bucket.


Anonymous said...

One of the few times I couldn't agree with you more!


Anonymous said...

You have to be the Blogsphere most complex person. Another great post.

B.S. said...

KiwiRail: a bland, nocturnal creature on the brink of extinction. I can see the subtext.

Anonymous said...

I see yesterday HC stating that there is no money to take up the 1 bil dollar slack for Kiwis that has lost everything in the Damp homes debacle, yet there is enough to buy a Railway that does not work, a quarter of a billion for more embassy staff and another half a billion in aid to the pacific. Wow a caring government indeed. (And no I think Key or Hyde would not be much different, maybe just a bit more honest about their motivation.)

KG said...

Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

Well said PM - you are stirred up this morning.

By the way I see the DomPost front page today states the cost of buying the rail back at $649M or thereabouts. I thought the all up cost was closer to $1.5B

Anonymous said...

Spot on Milt.

It is a bloody joke the religious right calling themselves the Kiwi Party.


WAKE UP said...

There should also be a moratorium on the constant substitution of NZ, that facile suffix, for names ending in S (as in, for example a company named BuildingNZ).

...except for Split Enz, who should be allowed to own it !

signed Wake UpNZ

WAKE UP said...

ps: Bok said, "Milt You have to be the Blogsphere most complex person".

Yep, that Milt, he's a nice bunch of guys :)



Kiwi Air has been tried before PM.
Ewan Wilson had an airline in Hamilton that bfailed some years back.

I'm surprised anonymous hasn't been on talking about the PM for the next 20 years or so- Kiwi Key!

ZenTiger said...

Kiwi Bank, Kiwi Rail, Kiwi Saver...

What next? Kiwi Blog?


Don't say that Zentiger.
Liabour might want to nationalise it.

That will have the readers quitting in droves.

Lou Taylor said...

It's a continuation of the dumbing down of society.
but it might catch on

B.S. said...

Perhaps amalgamate and nationalise all the waster water treatment companies and call it: "KiWee"

Anonymous said...

Kiwi Rail? Ha, it wont fly.

Psycho Milt said...

Lou: I agree. NZ has always been a very anti-intellectual country, but this "Kiwi-everything" bollocks takes the cake. The current Prime Minister and Finance Minister are not dumb. They're highly educated; they don't call their country "New Zilnd;" and they're well aware that to people in other countries, a kiwi is a hairy fruit, not a synonym for New Zealand. All this makes their pandering to the good ol' ordinary Kiwi joker a farce. I wish they'd grow some bollocks and act like the well-educated national leaders they are.

Lou Taylor said...

You have raised very good points here PM. I fear this "kiwi..." crap has been a pathetic attempt to drum up some kind of grand vision for NZ, in the absence of anything concrete. It has provided Jimbo with a comfortable retirement though.


So is Jimmy a traitor then, as Cactus alleges.
He's certainly giving Liarbour great comfort and cross-party respectability.
I hope he's getting a good pice for his soul.
If he had one to sell.

Anonymous said...

I once used to do a lot of business with a very well educated Californian who was a VP for the largest film equipment company in the world.

For 3 days, once, I had him convinced that Kiwifruit were the poo of the Kiwi bird and that New Zealanders thought it was hilarious that Americans ate them.

The KiwiRail name is another sign of how inward looking we've become in the last few years. No imagination, no get up and go.

Sad really.

Also, I believe Milt may be suffering from Palmyitis today.

Psycho Milt said...

Every day, mate. Every day.

FFM: Why's Bolger been put in charge of the train set? Because Kiwibank's a success. Simple as that.