Friday, July 25, 2008

What has Liarbour ever done for me?

So Liarbour has lost the Glasgow East by-election to the Scottish National Party and Gordon Brown's leadership looks doomed.
Of course, there is much dissatisfaction across Britain with the UK Liarbour Party and Gordon Brown in particular so the defeat is perhaps hardly not surprising, even though Glasgow East has been one of the party's safest seats.
But perhaps there is more to it than this. Glasgow East is one of the most deprived areas of Britian, so you might expect it would stay with Liarbour.
A few weeks back Iain Dale recalled a story involving a visit to the area by a former Tory leader.
To misquote the Life of Brian, what has Labour ever done for them? The constituency has a male life expectancy of around 64, many of the council estates are the poorest in the country. Need I go on?
When Iain Duncan Smith first visited the Easterhouse estate there in 2002 someone yelled out to him: "What are you doing here, we're all Labour?"
He shouted back: "Yes, and look around you. Look where it's got you!"
Indeed, UK blogger Man About The House explains what Liarbour has done for Glasgow East. Not much! So maybe the voters there have learnt something.
There is something here Maori voters and voters in South Auckland can also learn from this, of parties taking their support for granted and delivering nothing.
I do hope National can gain from this, including their candidates offering a Duncan Smith-style reponse to anyone who makes similar 'what are you doing here' comments!
Hat tip: Iain Dale, Man about the House, the Inquiring Mind (for the cartoon).

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homepaddock said...

The idea that left policies are better for the poor are rubbish. The ones who benefit most from economic growth and resulting improvements in personal and national wealth and wellbeing are the poor.