Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What a bloody waste of time.

Have just been watching question time on TV and have decided that from here on I will consider Parliament and ALL its inhabitants to be complete irrelevancies.

Puffed up and pompous, they screech and preen, hurling inanities and invective at one another, all the while achieving very little of substance except the cultivation of the scorn of all thinking, and working Kiwis.

That these individuals think they are representative of the majority of New Zealanders, and that they also feel that they are our leaders, just highlights who far out of touch with reality they are.

A plague on the lot of them.



Grant said...

Sorry B Bill, your comment got deleted due to the editing process. Not for its content.

Barnsley Bill said...

My nov 5th comment still holds though.
I am watching question time now. if my doctor knew he would shit. There is barely a soul in that house that I would spare.
peters is allowed to do and say whatever he wants. Is he fucking the speaker?

Barnsley Bill said...

Most of the male labour members are wearing nice new shiny suits... Election announcement coming soon perhaps?

Anonymous said...

completely agree grant....shambles. wilson is the worst of the lot as far as screeching goes


Anonymous said...

How can the bitch in yellow get away with never answering a question?......Oh I forgot she and the speaker have been sharing the same sluts for years

KG said...

"...sharing the same sluts for years"

Anonymous said...

from here on I will consider Parliament and ALL its inhabitants to be complete irrelevancies.

Parliament, and "democracy" - especially the "New Zealand WAY" of democracy has nothing to do with freedom, and nothing to do with prosperity.

The sooner we have a leader who understands what needs to be done in NZ and has the courage to do it

the better off we all will be

Anonymous said...

Barnsley Bill - you should stand for Parliament, you would be great! I would love to vote for you.

Barnsley Bill said...

Ha.. No party would have me. More skeletons than Notting Hill cemetery.
Plus.. I am unable to complete a sentence without dropping the word fuck in at inappropriate times.
Add to that the fact that I want to go home to the UK. There is an itch over there I need to scratch.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's too bad. You could do a better job than this current motley crue single handed. Maybe you could replace Gordy Brown??? Ha! Or like Alamein, become an Indepdent. Yeah, right.