Wednesday, July 30, 2008

We may be becoming an 'economic desert' but look at our mirage!

New Zealand is at risk of becoming an 'economic desert' and needsto do more to help small and medium-sized businesses.
Mr O'Reilly said that since 1999, the Government had passed more than 2000 new laws and regulations with little cost-benefit analysis [for the SME sector]. Compliance costs had now reached $2400 per employee a year in SMEs.
The inaugural Small Business Summitt also heard:
Claire Massey, Massey University's director of research into SMEs, said New Zealand was littered with contradictory perceptions of the sector's importance. On one hand, SMEs were the beating heart of the economy. On the other, the sector was dragging back the economy.
"If we don't get our act together collectively we will end with an economic desert," she said. "... We can't survive without the small-business owner: the shoe mender, the Indian restaurant, the clothes shop."
But from Dannevirke to Downtown Auckland , there is one industry that appears to be blossoming.
And apparantly, we are very good at it. So if times get hard, you know what the missus can do? Or maybe you could earn a few bob yourself in this enlightened industry of equal opportunities!

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