Thursday, July 10, 2008

Trade your Rolls in for a Toyota! Liarbour told!

Like the worst 'p' addict imaginable, Dear Leader continues wasting away our money by the billion with her addiction to bureacracy.
Just days before the budget, ANZ economist Cameron Bagrie promised to release a report on the poor quality of government spending.
Well it is finally here, with that valuable advice above.
"Do we really need 41 government departments and 65 crown entities, not to mention the 21 district health boards and nine crown research institutes, for a population of four million?" Mr Bagrie says.
Government staff numbers have grown from below 30,000 in 1998 to 42,000 last year, and Mr Bagrie says much of the growth in expenditure is clearly being funnelled into "back office" areas rather than frontline services.
The report also says that more investment is aimed at immediate outcomes, rather than investing for the long term, and that productive spending has been "far outpaced" by non-productive spending.
"We appear to be attempting to run a Rolls-Royce-style framework when a Toyota will suffice. It seems resources are getting tied up in approval and monitoring as opposed to getting the job done."
The National Business Review continues the story charting the growth of government spending to take a larger share of the economy, particulalrly in 'back-office' spending.
The New Zealand Herald notes fastest growth in 'non-productive' areas like Culture, heritage and sport compared to front line services like police and healthcare.
Indeed, we should remember last week's report, as noted by Lindsay Mitchell, that Dear Leader's own culture department increased its own budget by more than 40% last year to a $billion.
As Not PC notes, the ANZ report adds to Phil Rennie's report last year which noted the tapayr had got nothing in terms of better services for an extra $20 billion taxtake.
As Peter Cresswell says, there are too many chiefs and not enough Indians. But what will John Key do about it? Im' sure Bernard Hickey must have something to add.


Anonymous said...

Yet another report coinfirms the gross waste and irresponsibility of Liarbore.
But the way we are going, only a knackered old Lada will be within our budget.
Forget the Toyota too!
How are those taxpayer funded wastrels managing at The Stranded? I see they have begun dissing the report and its author.
Typical Liarbore. Let the gravy train continue for its lackeys I see and have productive New Zealand paying for their wastefulness.


Bryan Spondre said...

"Im' sure Bernard Hickey must have something to add."

Bernard has & soon as it is up I will be link whoring it for your convenience :-)

Here is a taster: “Government bureaucrats wages are up 8.8% this year while wages for the rest of us are up 4.5%.”

Bryan Spondre said...

Bernard Hickey on Government Eating The Economy